FROM:The Story of Wangjing SOHO: Exclusive Dialogue with Zhang Xin and Zaha Hadid

SOHO China is a Chinese office developer. The company was founded in 1995 by Chairman Pan Shiyi (潘石屹) and CEO Zhang Xin (张欣).

SOHO China focuses on developing properties in the central business districts of Beijing and Shanghai. SOHO China developments are known for their modern architecture, with designs from architects such as Zaha Hadid and Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. The company has developed over five million square meters of commercial properties.

The company uses the name “SOHO” in both English and Chinese contexts.

SOHO China is China’s only pure prime office developer. Having shifted from a “build to sell” to “build to hold” strategy in 2012, the company now holds 1.4 million square meters of office space in Beijing and Shanghai for long-term investment.

SOHO中國是一家中國辦公室開發商。 該公司由潘石屹董事長兼首席執行官張欣(張欣)於1995年創立。

SOHO中國專注於在北京和上海的中央商務區開發物業。 SOHO中國的發展以其現代建築而聞名,其設計來自Zaha Hadid和日本建築師Kengo Kuma等建築師。 該公司已開發出超過500萬平方米的商業物業。


SOHO中國是中國唯一的純粹辦公室開發商。 該公司在2012年從“建立銷售”轉變為“建立到持有”戰略,現在在北京和上海擁有140萬平方米的辦公空間,用於長期投資。

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