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It is a team from Hong Kong companies. We pursue the attractions of buildings around the world and explore the details of each part of the building more carefully. Especially for sculpture, we will use 3D simulation to make the concrete work. At the same time, we also interviewed many manufacturers and architects to make the building more in-depth understanding, construction methods, and materials applications. I hope that whether you are a manufacturer or an architect, you are functioning about your work or materials. Please let us know and we hope to have more cooperation with you


We created a lot of 3D for the architectural proposal and at the same time, we will provide you with the experience and sharing.



Share world architecture, attractions

Provides a website platform for experts who love architecture Sharing architectural concepts and building materials used in professional buildings At the same time, you can also check the browsing rate and get bonuses.
And provide authors around the world to share architectural details Welcome everyone from all over the world who are interested in architectural art and building materials to participate in writing so that the world’s attractions can be fully provided to the public to share the feelings, and we also provide online rewards for creative and travelers. Able to have more money to showcase the building information you have taken and introduced.


World Exhibition Information

Providing a worldwide exhibition on the types of building materials is the goal we report, and we also give forums and business associations to communicate with each other. For those who want to board the FutureView360 network website, you can also contact us and offer the products you have manufactured and developed. We will check and contact you soon.

During the exhibition period of the World Building Materials Exhibition, FV360 interview team members can visit and search for high-quality building materials and architectural works. We can share the experience of product practice through the detailed introduction and the witness of the owner, hoping to be In the next exhibition coöperation with you

提供關於建築材料類型的全球展覽,是我們報告的目標,我們還提供論壇和商業協會,以便彼此溝通。 對於想要登錄FutureView360網絡網站的用戶,您也可以聯繫我們並提供您製造和開發的產品。 我們會盡快審核並與您聯繫。

We have an interview with this big man He’s the main supplier of Shanghai Disney Castle


 Architecture materials

Professional manufacturer guidance


We are looking for the building materials manufacturers and visiting the unique architectural styles everywhere, and have an in-depth understanding of the application and development of building materials, and have a deep understanding of the functional and texture of the building materials used in each building. The continuous development of building materials is also constantly being developed. Promote and explore together.

We want to find rare special building materials and understand the usability, functionality, and specificity, what are the real cases of operation? It is more able to offer the contrasting features and advantages that the architect or the owner can have. If you think the product is very confident, please be sure to contact us. We may have a good opportunity.






Regular magazine publication

Please pay attention to the publication of new books.

The magazines that regularly publish magazines report on the future goals of the world’s building development owners and how to go to the coöperation agreements. What other technologies are needed for building materials manufacturers to create coöperation opportunities, visit many developers’ teams to create dreams, and Augmentation practices. It also provides products that have been developed by the weekly 3D modeling of construction plant, providing more efficient and valuable advantages for the world’s designer factories. At the same time, each brand product is more story-like and can be shared with everyone.

The content is about us visiting 68 countries and recorded architectural decoration of the exterior and interior for different periods. The mold that has been produced for 32 years has been converted into a 3D model.
If you are interested in related magazines, please note that every weekend 1.3.5 We will publish the new products, please support us! Thanks
We will update often in the latest news:

請關注近期我們的新書準備發表,內容有關於我們走訪了68個國家,所紀錄下不同時期的建築裝飾配件,有32年的模具轉成3D模具,若對於相關雜誌有興趣的朋友,請注意每週一.三.五 我們將會發表上架產品,請大家多多支持!


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