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We designed every piece in the Element Collection to satisfy our high standards – and your unique design demands. The Collection’s rich customization potential makes it the perfect complement for your vision. With front surface material options ranging from fine hardwood to composites, the Element Credenza enhances both the look and performance of any design environment. Paired with an Element Desk, this credenza can serve as a file cabinet return, or, with the optional base, a stand alone feature.



Two drawer without base / 26”H x 31”W x 21”D

Two drawer with base / 33”H x 31”W x 21”D

Four drawer without base / 26”H x 61”W x 21”D

Four drawer with base / 33”H x 61”W x 21”D

Six drawer without base / Without base 26”H x 90”W x 21”D

Six drawer with base / 33”H x 90”W x 21”D

我們設計了Element Collection中的每一件產品,以滿足我們的高標準 – 以及您獨特的設計要求。 該系列豐富的定制潛力使其成為您願景的完美補充。 Element Credenza的前表面材料選擇範圍從精細硬木到復合材料,可增強任何設計環境的外觀和性能。 與一個Element Desk配對,這個書櫃可以作為文件櫃返回,或者,與可選的底座,一個獨立的功能。



兩個不帶底座的抽屜/ 26“H x 31”W x 21“D

兩個抽屜帶底座/ 33“H x 31”W x 21“D

四個無底座抽屜/ 26“H x 61”W x 21“D

四個抽屜帶底座/ 33“H x 61”W x 21“D

六個抽屜,無底座/無底座26“H x 90”W x 21“D

六個抽屜帶底座/ 33“H x 90”W x 21“D



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