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Designed by Fahmida Lam during her residency at Thos. Moser in Auburn, Maine, the chair incorporates the joinery, craftsmanship and experience of the Thos. Moser team with Ms. Lam’s progressive aesthetic. Leveraging the strength and beauty of hand-finished American hardwoods such as cherry and walnut, the chair cuts a fresh, airy profile that naturally complements any thoughtful and clean aesthetic. With its contrasting upholstered seat and back, this chair lives comfortably within the traditional Thos. Moser offering — while embracing the distinctive perspective of one of the industry’s brightest new talents.

Fahmida Lam, Designer

In 2013, Pratt graduate and Brooklyn native, Fahmida Lam was invited to Thos. Moser to design and build a chair. Fahmida, an emerging residential furniture and accessories designer whose portfolio also includes lighting, home accessories and soft goods, worked closely with Thos. Moser’s Adam Rogers, Director of Design and Product Development and master craftsman Warren Shaw, to leverage the techniques, material and joinery of Thos. Moser to guide and express her design. The collaboration resulted in the decision to launch and include the FLC | Fahmida chair in our product offerings for summer 2014.

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由Fahmida Lam在Thos居住期間設計。位於緬因州奧本的Moser椅子融合了Thos的細木工藝,工藝和經驗。 Moser團隊與林女士的進步美學。利用手工製作的美國硬木如櫻桃和胡桃木的力量和美感,椅子營造出清新,通風的輪廓,自然地補充了任何周到和乾淨的美感。憑藉其對比色的軟墊座椅和椅背,這款椅子可以舒適地居住在傳統的Thos中。 Moser提供 – 同時擁抱業內最聰明的新人才之一的獨特視角。

Fahmida Lam,設計師

2013年,Pratt畢業生和布魯克林本地人Fahmida Lam被邀請到Thos。 Moser設計和建造一把椅子。 Fahmida是一家新興的住宅家具和配件設計師,其產品組合還包括照明,家居飾品和軟商品,與Thos密切合作。 Moser的Adam Rogers,設計和產品開發總監兼工匠大師Warren Shaw,利用Thos的技術,材料和細木工藝。 Moser指導和表達她的設計。合作導致決定啟動並包括FLC | 2014年夏季我們的產品供應Fahmida椅子。



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