In the grand opening of IAAPA in 2019, many exhibitors showed the best and best products in this exhibition, let me continue to see PART2




ShowTex is a stagecraft specialist originating from Belgium, which has earned significant reputation and international recognition, especially throughout Europe and the Middle East. In the recent years, they have established a workshop and warehouse in Hong Kong and Shanghai, serving the stage and event industry and fix installation market in Asia and Asia Pacific region.

ShowTex是一個來自比利時的舞台藝術專家,它贏得了很高的聲譽和國際認可,尤其是在整個歐洲和中東地區。 近年來,他們在香港和上海建立了一個車間和倉庫,為舞台和活動行業提供服務,並在亞洲和亞太地區修復安裝市場。

Their layout is very beautiful, it will attract your attention in the past, especially the mirror. Their carpets are composed of shells and are my favorite.


Tong Yun Amusement童韵遊樂

Tong Yun Amusement is the design and construction of the large American Family Recreation Center (FEC). Their solutions include a variety of products independently designed and produced by Tong Yun, as well as their European and American imported equipment. They are suitable for children from young children to school age. As well as all family members of the parents, review the main family play projects in large commercial real estate and tourism real estate.


The children at the scene are enjoying the fun, parents are also very reassured, because they are in line with the world’s major safety standards such as the European Union EN1176 and the US ASTM, and passed the US ASTM1918 safety certification test.


Rover International

Rover International was established in 1987 and since then has been manufacturing unique inflatable costumes created by their in-house team of designers.

They have worked with many high profile clients who would assure your of our credibility.

Their fan based costumes enable people to move freely inside, whilst keeping cool and sweat free! Its light-weight and durability allow the costumes to be used in or outdoors. The costumes are easily cleaned, maintained and stored as they fold easily into our in-house design cartable bags.

Rover International成立於1987年,從那時起,他們一直在製造由其內部設計師團隊創造的獨特充氣服裝。


他們的粉絲服裝讓人們可以在裡面自由活動,同時保持涼爽和無汗! 它重量輕,經久耐用,可以在室內或室外使用。 這些服裝很容易清潔,維護和存放,因為它們可以輕鬆折疊到我們的內部設計可搬運袋中。

When I was passing through the booth, people wearing mummified doll costumes would scare me fortunate because my intelligence was not scared.


Suzhou Donghe Food 蘇州东鶴食品—Pearl Ice Cream 珍珠冰淇淋

In 1997, the company successfully introduced the Canadian IQF licensed technology and brand and began to produce “Pearl Ice Cream”. This ice cream has quickly become a wonderful world in the ice cream world with its unique shape and excellent taste. It is not only sold well in China but also exported to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian countries. Regions and Canada, Australia and other parts of the world.


The first time I ate “Pearl Ice Cream” was in South Korea. The taste and taste of the time were remembered and I missed it. When I saw this ice cream appearing in IAAPA, I was very surprised and very happy to taste it again.


Digu Bean Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 迪古豆貿易(上海)有限公司—Pearl Ice Cream 粒粒冰淇淋

Also for the manufacturer of granulated ice cream, I can’t help but ask for a few cups of ice cream to eat.


Harbin Institute of Technology Robotics Group 哈工大機器人集團

The main business of Harbin Institute of Technology Robotics focuses on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. The business covers technological innovation, transformation services, industrial incubation and industrial operations. The business areas include smart factories, industrial robots, service robots, special robots, and cultural travel. Robots, healthcare robots, etc.


At first I was attracted by the elephant above, because it was very realistic, and the nose, head and tail were swaying, making people feel fresh.



The Xtrem Aventures Group has been designing and building a leisure park and adventure park for 17 years, during which time 156 attractive and diverse adventure parks have been built around the world.

All of their adventure parks are built in strict accordance with the standards of the European Union CEN 15567-2. An uninterrupted lifeline safety system with 100% safety is certified by the EU at the end of the project.

Xtrem Aventures Group 已有17年設計並建造休閒遊樂園和探險樂園歷史,這期間在世界各地共建造了156個極具吸引力和活動類型多樣的探險樂園。

他們所有的探險樂園都是嚴格按照歐盟CEN 15567-2 的標準建造。配有百分百安全性的不間斷生命線安全系統,項目結束時通過歐盟安全驗證。

They also have a variety of facilities, including outdoor adventure parks, indoor trampolines, rock climbing walls, and waterslides.


Hong Kong Shengxing Plastic Products Co., Ltd. 香港盛興塑膠製品有限公司

Established in 1995, Hong Kong Shengxing Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is an expert in the design and manufacture of PVC animal toys. They are ISO9001 certified factories. All of their products are in compliance with EN71 and ASTM. They are an internationally renowned brand with products all over the world.

Their experienced design team develops and launches hundreds of safe and attractive designs each year to help customers around the world capture market opportunities.

They know all the latest PVC injection technologies and they can offer a variety of animal products at competitive prices. Therefore, their brand is the most popular for all toy buyers.




They collaborated with the National Geographic Channel to simulate animals, and also simulated some cartoon characters, which were very delicate.


Henan Wojin Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd 河南沃金遊樂設備有限公司

Henan Wojin Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of large inflatable toys, inflatable advertising media, cradle swimming pools, inflatable swimming pools and water entertainment products. At the same time, it also operates, sells and leases mobile playgrounds and summer leisure parks. The company has more than ten years of industry experience, and cooperates with well-known design companies to establish a good cooperative relationship. The company publishes innovative mobile inflatable products and mobile water park products, combining many international popular elements and domestic development integration trends.


Their company has a strong production capacity, with the most advanced large automatic fast cutting machine, hot melt welding machine, large high frequency heat sealing machine and compound machine. As one of the largest manufacturers in China in this field, the company has more than 100 employees, the product quality completely exceeds the industry standards, and the water park products fully meet international standards.


Chuangqi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. 創奇遊樂設備有限公司

The company is located in Shenyang, Liaoning, which is known as the world-class equipment manufacturing base. It has gradually formed a complete set of solutions for planning, landscape construction, equipment customization and operation management for indoor children’s theme park investors.


The atmosphere of this arrangement is a bit scary because of the zombie uncle in front.



DOF Robotics Inc. produces the fastest and most dynamic simulation platform for the entertainment industry. Although young companies have succeeded in a short period of time. Since 2006, the company has done a lot of work for the development of advanced professional machines for the entertainment industry. Since then, DOF Robotics has installed more than 250 locations worldwide. The company develops flying theaters, dark rides, immersive tunnels, panoramic cinemas, dome theaters, xD and 4D cinemas, VR and AR based attractions, interactive simulations, interactive games and other custom types of entertainment and simulation industry simulation rides.

DOF Robotics Inc.生產娛樂業最快,最具動態的仿真平台。儘管年輕的公司在很短的時間內取得了成功。自2006年以來,公司為娛樂業開發高級專業機器做了大量工作。從那時起,DOF Robotics在全球安裝了250多個地點。公司開發飛行影院,黑闇騎行,沉浸式隧道,全景影院,圓頂劇院,xD和4D影院,基於VR和AR的景點,互動模擬,互動遊戲和其他定制類型的娛樂和模擬行業模擬遊樂設施。

I have experienced it, it is very exciting and very fun. It has become the focus of the whole game. The mechanical safety is sufficient and stable. It is really a very good invention.


Xin Shang Art 新尚藝術

“Xin Shang Art” A brand born out of art shoulders the great mission of spreading art.
The company started in 2005. It is a production enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales, based on domestic and foreign engineering and export trade. It is currently the largest theme packaging and art engineering production company in China. It owns “Xinshang Sculpture Art (Macau) Co., Ltd.” “Miwo Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.” and has an independent design team.

“新尚藝術” 一個因藝術而誕生的品牌,肩負著傳播藝術的偉大使命。
公司始於2005 年,是一家集研發、設計、生產、銷售為一體,以國內外工程和出口貿易為基礎的生產企業,是目前中國規模最大的主題包裝、藝術工程製作公司。旗下有“新尚雕塑藝術(澳門)有限公司”“米沃裝飾工程有限公司”,擁有獨立的設計團隊。

The art of this sculpture is GRC, GRG, and the whole layout is very good. It feels very good.


Zigong Cetnology Science & Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2007, the company is a professional production and export company specializing in the design, development and production of animal dinosaurs, animals, fossil replicas and fiberglass products. They are located in Zigong City, Sichuan Province, with convenient transportation. They have independent export trading rights. All of our products meet international quality standards and are highly appreciated in different markets around the world.


Their dinosaurs are quite real, their eyes will linger, their tails will smash, and their heads will swing from side to side. The mechanical design can be made so realistic.


The teeth of dinosaurs are also very real, sharp



The Operations Division of SEGA Amusements has grown from strength to strength in recent years developing new partnerships with Shopping Malls, Theme Parks, Bowling Centres and a whole host of other locations. They operate a full portfolio of products ranging from 6D motion theatres to ticket redemption and prize facilities, video games to kiddie rides.

SEGA Amusements的運營部門近年來不斷壯大,與購物中心,主題公園,保齡球中心和其他眾多地點建立了新的合作夥伴關係。 他們經營全套產品,從6D動感影院到票務兌換和獎品設施,視頻遊戲到兒童遊樂設施。

Movie power technology Co.,limited 廣州電影動力科技有限公司

Guangzhou Film Power Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in VR simulator and 5D 7D dynamic cinema for 9 years. It is committed to the development, production and sales of VR products. It is committed to providing VR hall with overall solutions, site selection and decoration, facility planning, publicity and Promotion and so on.
Products are exported to Europe, the United States, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Now, the hottest VR superheroes, VR racing and movie-powered VR extreme challengers are leading the industry.

廣州電影動力科技有限公司專業從事VR模擬器和5D 7D動態影院9年,致力於VR產品的開發,生產和銷售,致力於為VR大廳提供整體解決方案,選址和裝飾,設施規劃,宣傳和推廣等。

Guangzhou Duo Miao Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. 廣州市多妙遊樂設備有限公司

Guangzhou Duo Miao Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in children’s slides and indoor naughty amusement equipment. Their company has passed ISO9001 (2015), SGS, CE and other international certifications. The company provides professional consulting services for children’s play related projects, from site selection and park design in the early stage of the project, to equipment procurement and installation in the medium term, and service operation and maintenance in the middle and late stages.


Their children’s paradise is very cute, and the styles that can be planned are also a lot!



Binzhou Rope Tribe Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It specializes in the research, development, design, production and sales of rope net products. The products are formed by rainbow tree, honeycomb net, rainbow island, colorful leaves, rainbow trampoline and spider web. The main product system. The products are sold at home and abroad, and are highly praised by many domestic customers such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenyang, Nanjing, etc., and are favored by overseas customers such as Italy, Germany, the United States, Japan, and South Korea.


The above is part of PART2

Stay tuned for PART3




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