FROM:[2011] AD Interviews Marion Weiss & Michael Manfredi

Some time ago we visited New York City based Weiss/Manfredi Architecture/Landscape/Urbanism, to interview founding principals Marion Wesis and Michael Manfredi. The multidisciplinary firm has distinguished themselves with their holistic design approach, successfully integrating the disciplines of architecture, art, infrastructure, and landscape design.

One of their well-known works, the Olympic Sculpture Park for the Seattle Art Museum, was the winning design of an international competition. Weiss/Manfredi conceptualized it to be a new model for an urban sculpture park. The design transformed a contaminated brownfield into a public park space in downtown Seattle, and extended the museum into the landscape of the city. The Olympic Sculpture Park has been such a successful design that it has become a case study for further urban landscapes.

The firm ahas continued to succeed with their design concepts, as seen in their participation in the St. Louis Arch The City + The Arch + The River International competition. Among the most prominent architects, Weiss/Manfredi was selected as a finalist in this competition.

In 2007 Weiss/Manfredi received the AIA Gold Medal of Honor, New York Chapter. Their work has been recognized regionally, nationally and internationally receiving numerous awards and garnering competitions. They have also been featured at the Museum of Modem Art, the Venice Architectural Biennale, and the Sao Paolo Biennale of International Architecture and Design.

Their work can also be found on two monographs: Site Specificand Surface Sub Surface.

前段時間,我們訪問了紐約市的Weiss / Manfredi建築/景觀/城市規劃,採訪了創始人Marion Wesis和Michael Manfredi。這家多學科公司憑藉其整體設計方法脫穎而出,成功地整合了建築,藝術,基礎設施和景觀設計的學科。

其中一件著名的作品,即西雅圖藝術博物館的奧林匹克雕塑公園,是國際比賽的成功設計。 Weiss / Manfredi將其概念化為城市雕塑公園的新模型。該設計將受污染的棕色地帶變成了西雅圖市中心的公園空間,並將博物館擴展到了城市的景觀。奧林匹克雕塑公園是一個如此成功的設計,它已成為進一步的城市景觀的案例研究。

ahas公司繼續在設計理念上取得成功,參與聖路易斯拱門城市+拱門+河流國際比賽。在最著名的建築師中,Weiss / Manfredi被選為本次比賽的決賽選手。

2007年,Weiss / Manfredi獲得了紐約分會的AIA金質榮譽勳章。他們的工作得到了區域,國內和國際的認可,獲得了無數獎項和獲獎競賽。他們還出現在現代藝術博物館,威尼斯建築雙年展和國際建築與設計聖保羅雙年展。

他們的作品也可以在兩本專著中找到:Site Specific和Surface Sub Surface。



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