FROM:MINI Living and Studiomama’s Milan installation allowed “everyone to become an architect”


MINI Living

MINI LIVING is a translation of our key principle, the creative use of space, into real solutions for how we live, work and interact in our cities. Working with a small footprint in mind, we seek to answer these challenges in a way that combines our design knowledge with the spirit of experience – and fun.

MINI LIVING將我們的關鍵原則,空間的創造性使用,轉化為我們在城市中生活,工作和互動的真實解決方案。 考慮到佔地面積小,我們力求以一種將我們的設計知識與經驗精神和樂趣相結合的方式來應對這些挑戰。


Danish designer Nina Tolstrup founded Studiomama in 2000 with husband and design collaborator Jack Mama. True to Nina’s Scandinavian roots, simplicity and integrity are the trademarks of her work; a pared-down, contemporary but characterful aesthetic combined with a democratic belief in good design for all. A passionate belief in designing for the real world go a long way to explaining the timeless and unpretentious qualities of the studio’s work. But whilst Studiomama’s work can be simple, honest and minimal it is always playfulness, releverant and humorous.

Studiomama has pioneered open source by pushing the limits of material recycling, extending product life and exploring new forms of up cycling, whilst simultaneously challenging conventional business models and distribution methods. Nina’s curiosity for new challenges has resulted in an incredibly diverse portfolio (furniture, electronic products, jewellery, glassware, exhibition-design, NGO collaborations, interior and architectural projects), all realised via novel processes, technologies and materials. Studiomama’s passion for variety gives her an extraordinary broad perspective evidenced in a daring, influential and socially relevant body of work.

丹麥設計師Nina Tolstrup於2000年與丈夫兼設計合作夥伴Jack Mama共同創立了Studiomama。忠於尼娜的斯堪的納維亞根源,簡潔和正直是她工作的商標;一種簡約,現代但具有特色的美學,以及對所有人的良好設計的民主信仰。對現實世界進行設計的熱情信念對於解釋工作室工作的永恆和朴素的品質有很大的幫助。但是,雖然Studiomama的工作可以簡單,誠實和簡約,但它總是充滿樂趣,謙遜和幽默。

Studiomama通過推動材料回收的極限,延長產品壽命和探索新的自行車形式,同時挑戰傳統的商業模式和分銷方法,開創了開源。尼娜對新挑戰的好奇心導致了各種各樣的產品組合(家具,電子產品,珠寶,玻璃器皿,展覽設計,非政府組織合作,室內和建築項目),所有這些都通過新穎的工藝,技術和材料實現。 Studiomama對多樣性的熱情使她在大膽,有影響力和與社會相關的工作中得到了非凡的廣闊視野。






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