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Mr. Nguyen Sy Trung Ky owner & developer has selected Accoya wood for Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island member of WorldHotels. This hotel is the first and only luxury beach resort situated along the front line of the beautiful Long Beach on Phu Quoc Island.

Nguyen Sy Trung Ky先生的所有者和開發商已選擇Accoya木材作為WorldHotels的Phu Quoc Island Salinda Resort。 這家酒店是第一家也是唯一一家豪華的海灘度假酒店,位於富國島(Phu Quoc Island)美麗的長灘(Long Beach)的前線。

Accoya has been used for all the sun shading rooms, handrails, ceiling, beach gazebo, decking, Thanh Thanh Liem Co.Ltd (Mr.Nam). The Accoya distributor in Vietnam carried out the processing and installation.

Mr. Nguyen Sy Trung Ky decision to use Accoya wood in this environment is due to the exigency regarding high quality material use for high quality standard world hotel group. The green credentials of Accoya has also influenced him to select Accoya as well as the wood grain, texture and clear colour which are creating a very cozy contemporary aspect.

Accoya已被用於所有遮陽室,扶手,天花板,沙灘涼亭,甲板,Thanh Thanh Liem Co.Ltd(Mr.Nam)。 Accoya在越南的經銷商進行了加工和安裝。

Nguyen Sy Trung Ky先生決定在這種環境中使用Accoya木材是因為高品質標準世界酒店集團對高品質材料的使用非常緊迫。 Accoya的綠色證書也影響了他選擇Accoya以及木紋,紋理和清晰的色彩,這些都營造出一種非常舒適的現代感。


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