FROM:[2014] ArchDaily Interviews | Antón García Abril – Ensamble Studio

Spanish firm Ensamble Studio has always captivated me with the high level of experimentation found in their built works. Their construction processes are unique, and their projects elegantly explore the tension between structure, matter and space with impeccable technical execution–as seen at the award-winning Hemeroscopium House’s delicately balanced intersected prefab elements.

From the small Truffle in the Mediterranean coast, to the delicate roof of the Cervantes Theater in Mexico City, their work is always reinterpreting materials. The Cervantes Theater roof, for example, stands elegantly between projects by FR-EE and Chipperfield, marking the location of an underground venue below through a carefully balanced steel structure. From certain angles, though, one sees a laminar structure that lets light pass through.

The firm is based in Madrid, and is directed by architects Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa, together with Javier Cuesta. Antón is currently full-professor at the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT.

In this interview Antón tells us that architecture is part science, part poetry, and that Ensamble has found success by treating their practice as a laboratory, academy and consultancy company. Read the full transcript after the break.

西班牙公司Ensamble Studio一直以其建築作品中的高水平實驗吸引我。他們的施工過程是獨一無二的,他們的項目優雅地探索結構,物質和空間之間的緊張關係,以及無可挑剔的技術執行 – 正如屢獲殊榮的Hemeroscopium House精心平衡的交叉預製元件所見。


該公司總部設在馬德里,由建築師AntónGarcía-Abril和DéboraMesa以及Javier Cuesta領導。 Antón目前是麻省理工學院建築與規劃學院的全職教授。




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