FROM:AD Interviews Todd Walker & Barry Yoakum Archimania

Founded in 1995, Archimania has won over 100 awards, including national, regional and local recognition. More importantly though is how the firm has distinguished themselves by their collaborative design approach, no project to big or to small, relationship with their clients, and innovative solutions to creating real value in their architecture.

Featuring a diverse portfolio that pushes the envelope, Archimania is known for their unique client architect relationship. The firm truly emphases teamwork, focusing on an active listening role with clients, resulting in their Visioning Charrette, a design process that is collaborative – creating places that reflect vision.

Archimania is dedicated to their home state of Tennessee, often utilizing local materials in their designs. Setting themselves apart from the crowd, the firm sees each project as a way of further expanding the community’s ideas about the built environment, recognizing the role of an architect within the community not as a passive one, but rather one as a local leader.


Archimania擁有多元化的產品組合,以其獨特的客戶建築師關係而聞名。該公司真正強調團隊合作,專注於與客戶積極傾聽角色,從而實現他們的Visioning Charrette,一個協作的設計過程 – 創造反映願景的場所。




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