FROM:ArchDaily Interviews: Steve McDowell

Steven Holl shared, “We selected BNIM Architects because of their focus on innovation, impeccable reputation and stature, but we got much more from them. With the exacting level of care and commitment to Architecture, the collaboration was the best our firm has experienced.”

BNIM’s excellence in design and sustainability has been acknowledge by receiving over 300 design awards on the local, regional, and national level. Their 7 COTE Top Ten Green awards, 3 GSA Design Excellence Awards, 20 honor and design excellence awards by seven different AIA Chapters, and two National AIA Honor Awards is a testament to their process of integration and collaboration with clients and consultants, creating designs that reflect a balance of people, planet and prosperity.

Steven Holl分享道,“我們之所以選擇BNIM建築師,是因為他們專注於創新,無可挑剔的聲譽和地位,但我們從中獲得了更多。 憑藉嚴格的關懷和對建築的承諾,合作是我們公司經歷的最好的。“

BNIM在設計和可持續發展方面的卓越表現得到了當地,地區和國家層面300多項設計獎項的認可。 他們的7項COTE十大綠色獎,3項GSA設計卓越獎,7項不同的AIA分會頒發的20項榮譽和設計卓越獎,以及兩項國家AIA榮譽獎,證明了他們與客戶和顧問的整合與合作的過程,創造了 反映人,地球和繁榮的平衡。



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