FROM:AD Interviews: After Belonging Agency “In Residence” (2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale)

After Belonging Agency is a group of architects, curators and scholars based in New York and Rotterdam composed by Lluís Alexandre Casano­vas Blanco, Ignacio González Galán, Carlos Mínguez Carrasco, Alejandra Navarrete Llopis, and Marina Otero Verzier. The team came together specifically for the 2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale, around common interests and a shared concern in identifying the architectures at stake in contemporary forms of being together, with its associated spatial configura­tions, aesthetic agendas, furnishings, territories and technologies.

在Belonging Agency之後,由LluísAlexandreCasanovas Blanco,IgnacioGonzálezGalán,CarlosMínguezCarrasco,Alejandra Navarrete Llopis和Marina Otero Verzier組成的紐約和鹿特丹的建築師,策展人和學者組成。 該團隊專門為2016年奧斯陸建築三年展而聚集在一起,圍繞著共同的興趣和共同的關注,確定當代形式的相互關聯的架構,以及相關的空間配置,審美議程,家具,領土和技術。



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