The IAAPA exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in 2019. It is a great honor to participate in this event.


At the beginning, the flag of IAAPA was raised outside the venue.|一開始到會場外面升著IAAPA的旗子

When I arrived at the venue, there were quite a lot of people.|到了會場裡面,人蠻多的

Here are the most attractive scenes and showcases.|以下是最吸引我的景物、展櫃呈現方式

This is a robot. I thought it was a real DJ. When I came closer, I found that it was a very realistic robot. It made people feel very fresh and could not help but admire the technology of this company.


This is the scene displayed in the center of the venue.|這是展示在會場中央的景

This is the Haiqing Cultural Tourism Exhibition, which is based on the landscape and presents their goods and services.


This is Redbone, mainly they are doing roadside games like garden games, and the two beautiful girls are really sweet.


This company is called a legend. It is a small train. These small trains are good for people. It is not bad when they are decorated.


Runzi Children’s Paradise is a children’s playground facility, which is just one of their products.


Snow can be created in this small room so that children can enjoy snow fun indoors.


The self-service cotton candy machine is the main product of GAME ART. The cotton candy machine can be paid by coin or action. It is very convenient, and there are many cotton candy styles to choose from. We have tried the taste of cotton candy. The marshmallows made by the mechanism are solid and beautiful in shape.

自助棉花糖機是GAME ART這間公司主打的商品,棉花糖機可以用投幣或者行動支付,很方便,而且還有很多棉花糖的樣式可以選擇,我們有嚐試棉花糖的滋味,這棉花糖機製作出來的棉花糖很扎實,形狀也很美。

SKONEC ENTERTAINMENT is a VR shooting game device that makes people feel like they are in the game.


The main products of Doppelmayr/Garaventa are cable cars, and many amusement parks plan cable car equipment for visitors to enjoy the scenery.


Wibit is doing water cushioning facilities, and there is a certain safety assessment to achieve customer play.

Wibit 做的是水上氣墊設施,有一定的安全評估有能達到顧客遊樂效果

Elephant Art is a company that makes art statues, wax figures, and design of some rides. The wax figures they display are really vivid and error-free.


King Kong Technology is doing VR technology, combined with VR and exciting rides, there is a illusion of falling into VR.


PART1 comes to an end here.
Stay tuned for PART2

PART1到這裡先告一段落 。


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