FROM:AD Interviews Craig Konyk

The architects categorize themselves as a creative architectural design studio – a characteristic that is evident in all of their work ranging from the smaller scale designs, such as their Hybrid House, to their larger scale proposals for the Museum of Polish History.

Their aesthetic – an almost simplistic gesture with an added twist – creates eye catching structures which are rooted back to the contextual underpinnings of the site, or supported by their studies of sustainability (see Girasole), or perhaps an exploration of redefining the public realm (check out their Museum proposal).

The success of the firm has grown steadily as kOnyk has been awarded two NYFA fellowships, two ACSA Design Awards, six AIA New York Chapter Design Awards, and has exhibited work at Parsons School of Design, the Architectural League of New York, and the Storefront for Art and Architecture.

建築師將自己歸類為一個創意建築設計工作室 – 這一特點在他們的所有工作中都很明顯,從較小規模的設計,如混合房屋,到他們對波蘭歷史博物館的大規模建議。

他們的審美 – 一種近乎簡單化的姿態,帶來額外的扭曲 – 創造了引人注目的結構,這些結構根植於網站的背景基礎,或者由他們的可持續性研究(見Girasole)支持,或者可能是重新定義公共領域的探索(看看他們的博物館建議)。




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