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There are three theme parks and a water park in Dubai Park and Resort, which will bring visitors an unprecedented stimulation experience. More than 100 indoor and outdoor mobile games and entertainment facilities are available at Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park. A group of adults and children can have fun. In addition, the central Riverland Entertainment and Food Avenue is perfect for a family to swim. The Lapita Hotel is also built in the park. If you are tired, you can stay in this Polynesian family resort.

杜拜樂園及度假村內有三個主題樂園和一個水上樂園,為遊客帶來前所未有的刺激體驗。電影之門 (Motiongate Dubai)、寶萊塢主題樂園 (Bollywood Parks Dubai)、樂高主題樂園 (Legoland Dubai)、樂高水上樂園 (Legoland Water Park) 共提供超過100項室內和室外機動遊戲及娛樂設施,讓一眾大人小朋友盡情暢玩。此外,位於中央的Riverland娛樂及美食大道適合一家大小輕鬆暢遊。園內更建有Lapita酒店 (Lapita Hotel),如果玩到累了,就可以在這波利尼西亞式家庭度假區留宿。

Movie Gate (Motiongate Dubai)
The film’s door is the largest Hollywood theme park in Dubai. The three famous film production companies, Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks and Lionsgate Entertainment, are here. The roller coasters, recreational facilities and motor games here are based on classic movies and animations such as The Smurfs, Shrike, The Dragon Trainer, The Hunger Games, and you’ll be sure to give it to you. In addition, you can become a member of the Ghostbusters, or take a roller coaster ride in Madagascar, and even ask the actors who danced the true self to teach the dance. With the director’s dream, you can also visit the film shooting scene in Studio Central to learn about the behind-the-scenes production process of the film.

電影之門 (Motiongate Dubai)
電影之門是杜拜最大的荷里活主題樂園,哥倫比亞影業、夢工廠、獅門娛樂這三間知名電影製作公司在此聚首一堂。這裡的過山車、娛樂設施和機動遊戲皆取材自《藍精靈》、《史力加》、《馴龍記》、《飢餓遊戲》等經典電影和動畫,一定會讓您目不暇給。此外,您可以化身成《捉鬼敢死隊》的一員,又或乘搭馬達加斯加過山車,甚至向《舞出真我》的演員請教舞步。懷著導演夢的您更可以在Studio Central參觀電影拍攝現場,了解電影的幕後製作過程。

Bollywood Parks
Bollywood Theme Park is the world’s first Bollywood movie-themed park for the magic of Bollywood in Dubai. The five parks combine action, dance and romance, and the thrilling entertainment facilities and live performances are drawn from several hot movies, making Bollywood’s fantasy stories come to life. You can fly over the world with Krrish (Hrithik Roshan), hunt Don (Shah Rukh Khan) on the streets of Dubai, and even learn the stunts in Dabangg (starring Salman Khan). In addition, Dubai’s first Hollywood-style Bollywood musical “Jaan-E-Jigar” will be staged at the magnificent Rajmahal Theatre, remember to go to enjoy the show. Come to Bollywood Park for an interactive mobile game, multimedia theater show and a dynamic entertainment experience.

寶萊塢主題樂園 (Bollywood Parks)
寶萊塢主題樂園為杜拜施展寶萊塢的魔法,是全球首個以寶萊塢電影為主題的公園。五個園區匯聚了動作、舞蹈和浪漫,刺激的娛樂設施和精彩的現場表演皆取材自幾部大熱電影,讓寶萊塢的奇幻故事活現眼前。您可以與 Krrish(Hrithik Roshan 飾)一起飛越世界,在杜拜街頭追捕 Don(Shah Rukh Khan 飾),甚至學習《Dabangg》(Salman Khan 主演)裡面的特技動作。此外,杜拜首部荷里活式寶萊塢音樂劇《Jaan-E-Jigar》會於富麗堂皇的泰姬陵劇院 (Rajmahal Theatre) 上演,記得前往欣賞演出。快來寶萊塢樂園嘆盡互動式機動遊戲、多媒體劇場演出和動感的娛樂體驗。

Legoland Dubai
The Lego theme park is suitable for children from 2 to 12 years old and a family to play the world of Lego. There are more than 40 LEGO-themed mobile games, performances and building blocks in the park, allowing one family to share their imagination. The park has built 15,000 models with 60 million LEGO, and there are a variety of indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities in the six parks. Don’t miss out.

樂高主題樂園 (Legoland Dubai)

Legoland Water Park
Lego Water Park is especially designed for families with young children, so that the family can enjoy the Lego adventure. There are more than 20 Lego-themed waterslides and recreational facilities, including a surf pool, Duplo toddler play area and Build-A-Raft River, to create your own LEGO floats.

樂高水上樂園 (Legoland Water Park)
樂高水上樂園特別為有年幼子女的家庭而設,讓一家人愉快嬉水,體驗樂高歷險。園內有超過20款以樂高為主題的滑水梯和娛樂設施,包括衝浪池、Duplo幼兒遊樂區及Build-A-Raft River,讓您打造自己的樂高浮墊。

Riverland Dubai
Located in the middle of Dubai Park and Resort, Riverland offers free admission, entertaining, and relaxing. The park is divided into “Peninsula Square” along the river bank. The Peninsula, India Gate, The Boardwalk, The French Village, and the French Village are four dynamic areas. If you have time, please go and see. There are more than 50 shops in the park, which allow you to shop wildly and sigh world cuisine, as well as internationally renowned buildings, bridges and other landmarks.

Riverland Dubai
Riverland位於杜拜樂園及度假村正中央,您可免費入場享受娛樂,盡情吃喝,放鬆心情。樂園沿河岸劃分為「半島廣場」 The Peninsula、「印度之門」India Gate、「懷舊美國海岸 」The Boardwalk、「法國村落」The French Village 四個動感區域,有時間的話記得前往看看。園內設有超過50間商店,讓您瘋狂購物和大嘆世界美食,同時亦可以觀賞國際著名建築、大橋及其他地標。

Lapita Hotel
The newly built Lapita is a Polynesian family resort located in the heart of Dubai Paradise and Resort. The hotel’s natural style of the Pacific islands allows you to cool off under the swaying palm trees or take a dip in the enchanting lagoon-style pool.

Lapita酒店 (Lapita Hotel)

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FROM:Julien Munoz, VP Sales, Dubai Parks & Resorts



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