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Preston Scott Cohen

Preston Scott Cohen is a professor of Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD).In 2004, he established a partnership with two registered architects, Amit Nemlich and Gilles Quintal, and became the Design Principal of Preston Scott Cohen, Inc. based in Central Square Cambridge, Massachusetts. Preston Scott Cohen, Inc. is renowned for the design of cultural, educational, commercial buildings and urban design projects around the world. Projects include the Sarmiento Performing Arts Center in Bogota, Colombia; a new building for Taubman College at the University of Michigan; the Taiyuan Museum of Art in Taiyuan, China; the Datong City Library; the Amir Building, Tel Aviv Museum of Art; and the Goldman Sachs Canopy in New York. The firm is also well known for non-profit projects including the Cape Rep Theater, Temple Beth El in Springfield, MA, and the Detroit Chabad. Cohen has received numerous honors including induction as an academician at the National Academy of Art, five Progressive Architecture Awards, first prizes for seven international competitions and an Academy Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Cohen is the author of Lightfall (Skira Rizzoli, 2016), The Return of Nature (2015), Contested Symmetries (2001), and numerous theoretical essays on architecture. His work has been widely exhibited and is held in numerous museum collections.

Preston Scott Cohen是哈佛大學設計研究生院(GSD)的教授。2004年,他與兩位註冊建築師Amit Nemlich和Gilles Quintal建立了合作夥伴關係,並成為Preston Scott Cohen,Inc。的設計負責人。馬薩諸塞州劍橋市Preston Scott Cohen,Inc。以其在世界各地的文化,教育,商業建築和城市設計項目的設計而聞名。項目包括哥倫比亞波哥大的薩米恩托表演藝術中心;密歇根大學Taubman學院的新建築;中國太原太原美術館;大同市圖書館;阿米爾大廈,特拉維夫藝術博物館;和紐約的高盛樹冠。該公司還以非盈利項目而聞名,包括Cape Rep劇院,馬薩諸塞州斯普林菲爾德的Temple Beth El以及底特律Chabad。科恩獲得了許多榮譽,包括國家藝術學院的院士入職,五項進步建築獎,七項國際比賽的一等獎和美國藝術與文學學院的奧斯卡獎。 Cohen是Lightfall(Skira Rizzoli,2016),The Return of Nature(2015),Contested Symmetries(2001)以及許多關於建築的理論論文的作者。他的作品被廣泛展出,並在眾多博物館藏品中展出。



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