Butterfly Pavilion by 3 deluxe 蝴蝶館

阿拉伯島是在阿拉伯聯合酋長國的沙迦市建造的最新旅遊景點。人造島是由奧地利藝術家設計的安德烈·海勒,並舉辦了一系列的功能,包括230米 2由德國工作室“蝴蝶館” 3deluxe 位於Arnold Island – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates。

The Arabian island is the latest tourist attraction built in Sharjah City, United Arab Emirates. The Artificial Island was designed by Austrian artist Andre Heller and hosts a series of features including 230 m 2 by the German studio “Butterfly Pavilion” 3deluxe located on Arnold Island – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.

建築師/德國設計工作室3deluxe在12月份在阿拉伯酋長國沙迦首府完成了Noor島上的蝴蝶館,現在正在Noor Island發行另一種設計元素的圖像材料:蝴蝶鳥舍。

The architect / German design studio 3deluxe completed the Butterfly Museum on the island of Noor Island in the Sharjah capital of the Arab Emirates in December and is now releasing another design element image material at Noor Island: Butterfly Birdhouse.



By the National Development Committee Shurooq and project leader AndréHeller on behalf of the implementation of the overall project, so that 3deluxe architects have the opportunity to develop and implement interdisciplinary design ideas, not purely functional and profit considerations. The design combines a wealth of aesthetic style elements across the space and culture of interdisciplinary architectural language.


Crystalline glass ceilings up to 3,5 and 5,5 meters. Panoramic glass combines the floor and ceiling, revealing the organic shape of the skylight and the top of the golden shadows roof, the three interlocking, free-shaped parts used to balance each other, providing higher overall stability, highly complex roofs by the load 3D frame, with more than 4000 kinds of gold and aluminum leaves of various sizes.


Many facilities and small buildings, light and media objects, unusual plant and musical sounds, it produces a whole, multi-sensory experience. Tropical rain forest biological coverage of 230 square meters, has a spectacular landscape.


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