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Use:Wood structures in critical exposure conditions
Applications:Canals and marinas
Characteristics:Acetylated wood with natural UV resistance, dimensional stability, durability, improved insulation characteristics, coatings last longer than on competing products
Certification:Cradle to Cradle Gold certification, FSC® and PEFC™, BREEAM and LEED, The Future Build, Singapore Green Label, Dubokeur



By significantly enhancing the durability and dimensional stability of fast-growing and abundantly available certified wood species, Accoya wood provides compelling environmental advantages over slow-growing hardwoods, woods treated with toxic chemicals and non-renewable carbon intensive materials such as plastics, metals and concrete making Accoya ideal for canals and marinas.

通過顯著提高快速生長和大量可用認證木材的耐久性和尺寸穩定性,Accoya木材比緩慢生長的硬木,用有毒化學品處理的木材和不可再生的碳密集材料(如塑料,金屬和混凝土)提供了令人矚目的環境優勢 使Accoya成為運河和碼頭的理想選擇。

Canal lining trial, The Netherlands
Certain environments are particularly punishing: few are harsher than the banks of canals, where wood is used to hold back the earth. In this application the wood’s exposure to water, microbe rich soil and – most obviously at the waterline – air, is particularly challenging. In the Netherlands, canal linings were traditionally made using tropical hardwoods but, with this no longer being an option, an alternative is needed. Accoya® was trialled for this purpose with excellent results. Even after 10 years in the water, the Accoya® trialled emerged with no discernible degradation at all.

某些環境特別嚴厲:很少有比運河岸更苛刻的地方,那裡用木頭來阻擋地球。 在這種應用中,木材暴露於水,富含微生物的土壤 – 最明顯的是在水線 – 空氣中,特別具有挑戰性。 在荷蘭,運河襯里傳統上使用熱帶硬木製成,但由於這不再是一種選擇,因此需要一種替代方案。 為此目的對Accoya®進行了試驗,結果非常好。 即使在水中待了10年之後,Accoya®試驗也開始出現,根本沒有明顯的降解。

Accoya Bridge at Parco, Bangkok
Designed by Shma Design, a Thai landscaping company, and distributed by Teck Ethik in Thailand, Accoya was used for a bridge built at Parco in Bangkok. The original design specified the use of teak but for budget and sustainability reasons Accoya was used instead. The Accoya wood was coated with an outdoor teak coloured stain to give the same effect as the original design.

由泰國景觀公司Shma Design設計,由Teck Ethik在泰國分銷,Accoya被用於在曼谷Parco建造的橋樑。 最初的設計指定了柚木的使用,但出於預算和可持續性的原因,使用了Accoya。 Accoya木材塗有室外柚木色污漬,以達到與原始設計相同的效果。

The Haven, Norfolk, UK
The client’s vision for this house and boathouse at Horning on the Norfolk Broads was to provide an exemplary building that is sustainable and graceful in design, complementing and enhancing the setting and providing a legacy for future generations. Given that ‘The Haven’ is in a flood zone, surrounded on three sides by water and constantly exposed to a high moisture content in the air, LSI architects needed to find a wood that they could be confident would deliver durability, dimensional stability and aesthetics. Accoya wood presented the perfect answer.

The Haven,諾福克,英國
客戶對位於Norfolk Broads的Horning的房屋和船庫的願景是提供一個可持續和優雅的設計,補充和增強環境,為後代提供遺產的典型建築。 鑑於’The Haven’處於洪水區,三面被水包圍並且不斷暴露在空氣中的高水分含量,LSI建築師需要找到一種他們可以確信能夠提供耐用性,尺寸穩定性和美觀性的木材。。 Accoya木材提供了完美的答案。

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