FROM:AD Interviews: Anne Marie Galmstrup

Speaking from the newly-opened Istanbul practice of Copenhagen-based Henning Larsen Architects, Anne Marie Galmstrup describes her scandinavian design process in the context of her role as Principal-in-Charge of projects in Turkey. “Architecture is about space and about interaction between people,” Galmstrup says, asking “How does it work here? How is it different in this cultural environment or in that climate?” Galmstrup discusses the atmosphere in Turkey, and how to engage young architects. Henning Larsen has hosted a series of “Imagination Schools,” two-week workshops set in the middle east charged with overcoming regional design challenges, and Galmstrup has been instrumental in the orchestration of these and many more projects over her ten year tenure at Henning Larsen.

Henning Larsen employs 220 Architects with offices in Copenhagen, Munich, Riyadh, Oslo, Istanbul, and Hong Kong.

Anne Marie Galmstrup在伊斯坦布爾新開業的總部位於哥本哈根的Henning Larsen建築師事務所的演講中,描述了她在土耳其項目負責人中的斯堪的納維亞設計過程。 “建築是關於空間和人與人之間的互動,”Galmstrup說道,“它在這裡如何運作?在這種文化環境中或在那種氣候下它有何不同?” Galmstrup討論了土耳其的氛圍,以及如何吸引年輕的建築師。 Henning Larsen主持了一系列“想像力學校”,在中東設置了為期兩週的研討會,負責克服區域設計挑戰,而Galmstrup在Henning Larsen的十年任期內協助這些以及更多項目的編排工作。

Henning Larsen擁有220名建築師,在哥本哈根,慕尼黑,利雅得,奧斯陸,伊斯坦布爾和香港設有辦事處。



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