FROM:AD Interviews: Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant, who was named Royal Designer for Industry, formed Grant Associates in 1997. The practice has been focused on the blurry boundary between architecture and nature, using landscape design as a tool for sustainable innovation on different scales, from sub-regional planning to the smallest detail of a new landscape.

A perfect example of this is the Cooled Conservatories at the Gardens by the Bay project, where architecture and nature become one to produce a naturally breathing machine.

More about Gardens by the Bay in the following video:

曾被任命為皇家工業設計師的安德魯·格蘭特於1997年成立了格蘭特聯合會。該實踐一直專注於建築與自然之間模糊的界限,將景觀設計作為不同尺度可持續創新的工具,從次區域規劃到 新景觀的最小細節。




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