FROM:AD Interviews: Arthur Andersson / Andersson-Wise Architects

The work of Andersson-Wise can be defined as authentically local, with a strong emphasis on materials and details. The Texas-based architects use passive energy approaches in their large projects that appear as if they have been extrapolated from their detailed, smaller scale projects. The W Austin, the only mixed-use LEED Silver building in Texas, has design features that strategically reduce energy usage and heat gain. Sustainability in architecture is at the core of their approach–deeply rooted in the spirit and materiality of the buildings.

Their versatility is evident in their successful completion of projects of different scales. They place a premium on the practice of drawing by hand and, as a result, their projects achieve a certain level of sustainability that doesn’t detract from Andersson-Wise’s portfolio of timeless work.

Andersson-Wise的工作可以定義為真正的本地化,強調材料和細節。 總部位於德克薩斯州的建築師在他們的大項目中使用被動能源方法,看起來好像是從他們詳細的小規模項目中推斷出來的。 W Austin是德克薩斯州唯一的混合使用LEED銀色建築,其設計特點可以戰略性地減少能源使用和熱量增加。 建築的可持續性是他們方法的核心 – 深深紮根於建築的精神和物質性。

它們的多功能性在成功完成不同規模的項目中很明顯。 他們非常重視手工繪圖的實踐,因此,他們的項目達到了一定程度的可持續性,並沒有減損Andersson-Wise的永恆工作組合。



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