Bridging Home

South Korean artist Do Ho Suh has built a replica of his childhood home and installed it above a road in the City of London.

Called Bridging Home, London, the installation sees a traditional Korean dwelling built on top of a pedestrian bridge spanning Wormwood Street, a dual carriageway located near Liverpool Street station.

The simple, decorative structure offers a striking contrast to the high-rise buildings that dominate the area. Its features include a curved gable roof, a timber frame, brick walls and shuttered windows.

One of the house’s walls is hanging over the edge of the bridge, suggesting that the makeshift structure could collapse at any moment.

韓國藝術家Do Ho Suh建造了他兒時家居的複製品,並將其安裝在倫敦金融城的一條公路上。

這座名為Bridging Home,倫敦的裝置看到了一座傳統的韓國住宅,建在跨越Wormwood Street的人行天橋上,這條雙行車道位於利物浦街車站附近。

簡約的裝飾結構與主導該地區的高層建築形成鮮明對比。 其特色包括弧形山牆屋頂,木框架,磚牆和百葉窗。


By modelling the design on the house he grew up in, Do Ho Suh’s aim is to make a statement about the migrant history of London, as well as to reflect his own experience of moving from one country to another.

It builds on themes covered by previous projects such as The Passage/s, which saw the designer create a sequence of passageways that represented all the different places he had occupied in his life.

通過對他長大的房子的設計進行建模,Do Ho Suh的目的是對倫敦的移民歷史做出陳述,並反映他自己從一個國家遷移到另一個國家的經歷。

它以之前的項目所涵蓋的主題為基礎,例如The Passage / s,它看到設計師創造了一系列通道,代表了他生活中所佔據的所有不同的地方。

“For me, a building is more than just space. It is not only physical but also metaphorical and psychological,” he explained.

“In my work I want to draw out these intangible qualities of energy, history, life and memory. While Bridging Home, London comes from personal experience, I hope it is something a lot of people can relate to.”


“在我的工作中,我想要提出這些能量,歷史,生活和記憶的無形品質。雖然Bridging Home,倫敦來自個人經驗,但我希望這是許多人可以聯繫到的東西。”

The installation will remain in place for at least six months. It forms part of Sculpture in the City, a programme that sees sculptures pop up all over the Square Mile, and Art Night, an annual initiative that commissions site-specific artworks all over the city.

“Do Ho Suh’s Bridging Home, London is an ambitious commission, one of his most significant in the United Kingdom to date,” said Fatoş Üstek, the curator for the installation.

“This unexpected apparition triggers a hiatus and a detournement, taking passer-bys to lands far away. Most importantly the piece activates feelings of home, belonging and remembrance that will resonate with viewers on their individual journeys.”

安裝將保持至少六個月。 它構成了城市雕塑的一部分,該項目在Square Mile上播放著雕塑,Art Night是一項年度計劃,旨在委託整個城市的特定場地藝術作品。

“Ho Hoh’s Bridging Home,倫敦是一個雄心勃勃的委員會,是迄今為止他在英國最重要的委員會之一,”該裝置的策展人FatoşÜstek說道。



FROM:Sculpture in the City 2018: ‘Bridging House, London’ by Do Ho Suh

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