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TruStile provides the shortest lead times in the industry and a limited lifetime product warranty.

When it comes to Green Building, doors are an essential project detail. When you choose TruStile, you can be sure that your doors are built with environmentally friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices. TruStile’s MDF doors are 3rd Party Certified by SCS to be constructed of a minimum of 75 percent recycled content. Additionally, a no-added formaldehyde MDF option can be specified for LEED credit contributions for Low-Emitting Materials in the Indoor Environmental Quality category. TruStile’s wood door product line has undergone an extensive FSC audit that verifies our doors as “FSC Mixed Sources” to contain only raw materials from well-managed forests. Whether you choose our MDF or wood doors, the value of a TruStile door contributes to LEED credits under the Materials and Resources category.


– Custom Sizes Available to 1/32 of an inch

– Widths available from 12″ to 72″

– Heights available from 12″ to 168″. Available door thicknesses of 1-3/8″, 1-3/4″ and


– Fire Doors are available in 20, 45, 60 and 90 minute.


在綠色建築方面,門是必不可少的項目細節。當您選擇TruStile時,您可以確保您的門採用環保材料和可持續製造實踐。 TruStile的MDF門是SCS的第三方認證,由至少75%的再生成分構成。此外,可以為室內環境質量類別中的低輻射材料的LEED信用額度指定未添加的甲醛MDF選項。 TruStile的木門產品系列經過了廣泛的FSC審核,證明我們的門是“FSC混合來源”,只包含來自管理良好的森林的原材料。無論您選擇我們的MDF還是木門,TruStile門的價值都歸功於材料和資源類別的LEED學分。


– 自定義尺寸可達1/32英寸

– 寬度從12“到72”

– 高度可從12“到168”。可用門厚度為1-3 / 8“,1-3 / 4”和

2-1 / 4“。

– 防火門可在20分鐘,45分鐘,60分鐘和90分鐘內使用。


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