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Bybee Stone Company is an Indiana limestone fabricator specializing in custom fabrication of Indiana limestone for both new construction and restoration projects. Indiana limestone’s beauty and durability make it an excellent building material, well-suited for custom carving, architectural finishes and sustainable construction applications.

At Bybee Stone Co., limestone is more than a product – it’s a way of life. The natural beauty of limestone is revealed as skilled craftspeople – often longtime employees of the company with multi-generational ties to the craft – shape it into beautiful structures seen all over the nation and many places around the world. The talent within Bybee Stone Co.’s seventy-employee workforce, which combines for a total of nearly 1000 years of experience, allows for passion to merge with expertise and ultimately solidifies their position as an industry leader.

Bybee Stone公司是一家印第安納州石灰石製造商,專門為印第安納石灰石定制生產,用於新建築和修復項目。 印第安納石灰石的美觀和耐用性使其成為一種優秀的建築材料,非常適合定制雕刻,建築裝飾和可持續建築應用。

在Bybee Stone Co.,石灰石不僅僅是一種產品 – 它是一種生活方式。 石灰石的自然美景被揭示為技藝精湛的工匠 – 通常是公司的長期僱員,與工藝有多代聯繫 – 將其塑造成遍布全國和世界各地的美麗建築。 Bybee Stone公司擁有七十名員工的人才,結合了近1000年的經驗,使人們熱衷於融合專業知識,最終鞏固其作為行業領導者的地位。



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