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Minimal USA’s dedication to combining advanced materials with high-end projects extends beyond kitchen design to complement its own tried and tested mix of luxury, functionality and sustainability. Precision and efficiency underlie perfection in interior design, creating environments that are not purely spaces in themselves, but a connection of sensory experience and delicacy. The Minimal USA design system now completes this connection.

Minimal USA致力於將先進材料與高端項目相結合,超越了廚房設計,以補充其經過考驗的豪華,功能和可持續性組合。 精確和高效是室內設計完美的基礎,創造的環境本身並不是純粹的空間,而是感官體驗和精緻的聯繫。 Minimal USA設計系統現在完成此連接。

UNITS Bathroom – Vanity Front View www.minimalusa.com

單位浴室 – 虛榮正面圖www.minimalusa.com


The bathroom layout confirms Minimal USA brand values through contemporary technical and ergonomic precision and flexibility. The core of this advanced collection is the extension of its values to a new sphere that strengthens an already extraordinary customisability.

浴室佈局通過當代技術和符合人體工程學的精確度和靈活性確認了Minimal USA的品牌價值。 這個先進集合的核心是將其價值觀擴展到一個新的領域,加強了已經非凡的可定制性。

UNITS Bathroom – Detail of the Drawers with 45° edges and Vertical Groove www.minimalusa.com

單位浴室 – 具有45°邊緣和垂直凹槽的抽屜細節www.minimalusa.com


Features and Specifications:

– Tactile Walnut doors, 29mm (1.14”) thick with 45° top and side edge.

– Interiors and drawers in tactile walnut, sunken Quarzite top, 30mm (1.18”) thick with 45° mitered edges.

– Vertical groove and 3/4″ kickplate.


– 觸感胡桃木門,厚29毫米(1.14英寸),頂部和側邊45°。

– 內飾和抽屜採用觸覺胡桃木,凹陷的石英岩頂部,30毫米(1.18英寸)厚,45°斜邊。

– 垂直凹槽和3/4“踢板。

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Type of Material
Stone / Marble, Wood, Stainless Steel




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