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Virtually every Ellison door is a custom door. For decades, Ellison has successfully met unique and unusual architectural requirements that extend far beyond Ellison’s primary specifications. Whatever your specific vision or requirement for an entry door – size, shape, weight, material combinations, etc. – Ellison is up to the challenge of meeting it. Working closely with architects to help engineer and fabricate special requests is a time-honored tradition at Ellison.

事實上,每一個埃里森門都是定制門。 幾十年來,埃里森成功地滿足了獨特和不尋常的建築要求,遠遠超出了埃里森的主要規格。 無論您對入口門的具體願景或要求 – 尺寸,形狀,重量,材料組合等 – 埃里森都能應對這一挑戰。 與建築師密切合作,幫助設計和製作特殊要求是埃里森歷史悠久的傳統。


Space Requirements

Ellison balanced doors can be manufactured from 33″ wide to 48″ wide. To accommodate door widths greater than 39″, the Type A arm measuring 7-1/8″ wide is replaced by the Type C Arm measuring 8-7/8″ wide. It’s important to identify the space requirements on both sides of a balanced door based upon the width of the door. This chart provides these dimensions as X and Y measurements. For example, a 36″ door opening to the outside will require a Type A arm and produce an interior projection (Y) of 12-1/2″ and an exterior projection (X) of 23-1/2″.


Ellison平衡門可以從33“寬到48”寬製造。 為了容納大於39“的門寬,7至8”寬的A型臂由8-7 / 8“寬的C型臂代替。確定平衡兩側的空間要求非常重要。 門根據門的寬度。這個圖表提供了X和Y尺寸的這些尺寸。例如,一個36“門向外開口將需要A型臂並產生12-1的內部投影(Y)/ 2“和23-1 / 2”的外部凸起(X)。

Door Anatomy


Ellison manufactures doors in virtually infinite combinations of materials, sizes, and designs.
It is a combination of the door’s quality construction and its various unique hardware components. The entire balanced door system – including the frame, door, and all balanced hardware components – are made on-site at Ellison to ensure exacting quality standards.

Ellison custom balanced doors (excluding wood doors) are comprised almost entirely of metal and glass, two of the world’s most readily recyclable and upcyclable materials. In fact, only two very small – but critical – components are polymer based, to ensure long term corrosion resistance. What’s more, most Ellison doors are made from particularly valuable metals like bronze and stainless, which helps to ensure their eventual recycling.



它結合了門的質量結構和各種獨特的硬件組件。 整個平衡門系統 – 包括框架,門和所有平衡的硬件組件 – 均在Ellison現場製造,以確保嚴格的質量標準。

埃里森定制平衡門(不包括木門)幾乎全部由金屬和玻璃組成,這是世界上最容易回收和再循環的兩種材料。 事實上,只有兩種非常小但關鍵的組件是基於聚合物的,以確保長期耐腐蝕性。 更重要的是,大多數埃里森門都是由特別有價值的金屬製成,如青銅和不銹鋼,這有助於確保它們最終回收利用。



Ellison balanced doors are built to provide a lifetime of the easiest, most trouble free operation. Their uniquely designed formed-up doors have a solid internal subframe construction, which allows them to long outlast the 5-10 year lifespan of average high-traffic doors. Most door subframes, if present at all, are merely tack-welded. An Ellison subframe, however, is joined to the outer structure by closely spaced spot-welds. Both external and internal door parts are made of .09” thick material, resulting in greater resistance of dings and dents than thinner doors. Furthermore, unlike most door manufacturers, Ellison pre-assembles and pre-hangs each door before it leaves the factory, in order to inspect and fine-tune to perfection.


Ellison平衡門的設計旨在提供終身最簡單,最無故障的操作。 其獨特設計的成型門具有堅固的內部副車架結構,使其能夠比平均高交通門的使用壽命長5到10年。 大多數門框架(如果存在的話)僅僅是點焊的。 然而,Ellison子框架通過緊密間隔的點焊連接到外部結構。 外部和內部門部件均採用0.09英寸厚的材料製成,與較薄的門相比,可以產生更大的阻力和凹痕。 此外,與大多數門製造商不同,埃里森在出廠前預裝和預掛每扇門,以便檢查和微調至完美。


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