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Apavisa’s Metal Tiles collection is contemporary as Corten Steel but far more resistant. Same texture and natural colour but far more versatile and incorporating exceptional technical features, the Apavisa Metal collection is a multifunctional porcelain wall and floor covering that can be used both externally and internally.

Apavisa’s Metal collection recreates the beauty of corten steel with the latest technology to improve its technical and aesthetical features.

Apavisa的Metal Tiles系列與Corten Steel同樣具有現代感,但更具抵抗力。 Apavisa Metal系列具有相同的質地和自然色彩,但功能多樣且具有卓越的技術特性,是一種多功能瓷牆和地板,可在外部和內部使用。


Metal Copper Finishes Natural / Lappato Sizes 60×120 / 30×120 / 15×120 / 60×60 / 30×60 Thickness 5mm / 11 mm

金屬銅飾面Natural / Lappato尺寸60×120 / 30×120 / 15×120 / 60×60 / 30×60厚度5mm / 11 mm

Metal Titanium Finishes Natural / Lappato Sizes 60×120 / 30×120 / 15×120 / 60×60 / 30×60 Thickness 5mm / 11 mm

金屬鈦飾面自然/ Lappato尺寸60×120 / 30×120 / 15×120 / 60×60 / 30×60厚度5mm / 11 mm


– 100% Flat Surface

– Metal look: copper and titanium finishes

– Scratching Resistance

– Bending Resistance

Bending resistance, scratching resistance, 100% flat surface, these are some of the most interesting advantages offered by this collection against natural Corten steel. Metal is almost 100% waterproof, since it water absorption level is extremely low (+/-0.1%) conferring unmatched frost proof characteristics, making it an excellent choice for external use.

Metal collection is rectified without edge bevelling, which allows it to be laid without tiling joint. The single calibre system allows all tiles to have exactly the same size. This fact is extremely important for the architectural designs and for tiling purposes as well.

The available colours are Copper and Titanium and the available sizes are 60×120, 30×120, 15×120, 60×60 and 30×60 cm. The available finishes are natural and lappato. Besides, there is a wide range of complements and special pieces such as mosaics, lines, insets, steps, etc.


– 100%平面

– 金屬外觀:銅和鈦飾面

– 抗劃傷

– 彎曲阻力

抗彎曲性,抗劃傷性,100%平坦表面,這些是本系列對天然Corten鋼提供的一些最有趣的優點。金屬幾乎100%防水,因為它的吸水率極低(+/- 0.1%),具有無與倫比的防霜特性,使其成為外用的絕佳選擇。


可選顏色為銅和鈦,可用尺寸為60×120,30×120,15×120,60×60和30×60 cm。可用的飾面是天然和lappato。此外,還有各種各樣的補充和特殊作品,如馬賽克,線條,插圖,台階等。


Technical Porcelain / Monocaliber / Rectified / Microsealed / Frost Proof:

– Length and Width: +/- 0.2%

– Surface Flatness: +/- 0.2%

– Water Absorbtion: +/- 0.1%

– Bending Resistance: 61 N/mm2

For more information please visit Apavisa’s page in our Materials Catalog, or go to www.apavisa.com/en

Application and Use in Construction
Walls, Facades, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Floors
Modular, Tiles, Tiling


技術瓷/ Monocaliber /整流/ Microsealed / Frost Proof:

– 長度和寬度:+/- 0.2%

– 表面平整度:+/- 0.2%

– 吸水率:+/- 0.1%

– 抗彎性:61 N / mm2




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