FROM:The Broad Contemporary Art Museum. Interview with Architect Elizabeth Diller

Elizabeth Diller, also known as Liz Diller, is an American architect and partner in Diller Scofidio + Renfro, which she co-founded in 1981. She is also an architecture professor at Princeton University.

Elizabeth Diller,也被稱為Liz Diller,是Diller Scofidio + Renfro的美國建築師和合夥人,她於1981年共同創立。她還是普林斯頓大學的建築學教授。

Elizabeth Diller was born in 1954 in Łódź, Poland, to Jewish parents. The family emigrated to the United States when she was five or six years old.

Diller met Ricardo Scofidio, then her tutor, while she was studying art at Cooper Union. They later married, and since the early 2000s have been known for their work with museums and other cultural institutions.

Diller is considered among the most influential designers of cultural spaces and in 1999 received the first MacArthur Foundation fellowship in architecture. In 2018 she was named to the Time Magazine most-influential list for the second time, and was the only architect on that list.

The studio that Diller co-founded was awarded the Wall Street Journal Magazine’s 2017 Architecture Innovator of the Year Award. It also received the Smithsonian Institution National Design Award.

伊麗莎白·迪勒於1954年出生於波蘭羅茲,與猶太父母同在。 這個家庭在她五六歲時移民到美國。

當她在庫珀聯盟學習藝術時,迪勒遇見了她的導師里卡多斯科菲迪奧。 他們後來結婚,自21世紀初以來,他們以與博物館和其他文化機構的合作而聞名。

迪勒被認為是最具影響力的文化空間設計師之一,並於1999年獲得麥克阿瑟基金會首個建築獎學金。 在2018年,她第二次入選時代雜誌最具影響力的名單,並且是該名單上唯一的建築師。

Diller共同創辦的工作室榮獲華爾街日報雜誌2017年度建築創新獎。 它還獲得了史密森學會國家設計獎。



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