FROM:AD Interviews: Eran Chen – ODA Architecture (Part 1)


Eran Chen is the founding principal of ODA. Since establishing the office in 2007 he has become one of the most prolific and influential architects in New York. Eran has gained a reputation for delivering imaginative designs that are radically innovative as well as socially, ecologically, and fiscally responsible. Seeking to reorder architectural priorities by putting people first, Eran challenges conventional perspectives of dwelling with hopes that it will, over time, influence life in our cities. Amongst others, his work has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects and the Society of American Registered Architects. Eran graduated with honors from the Bezalel School of Art and Design in Jerusalem, where he serves on the board. He is a frequent speaker at design and development forums around the world, as well as architecture schools including Columbia University, Clemson University, Syracuse University, Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture, and The Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

Eran Chen是官方發展援助的創始負責人。自2007年成立辦公室以來,他已成為紐約最多產和最有影響力的建築師之一。 Eran在提供極富創意以及社會,生態和財務責任的富有想像力的設計方面贏得了聲譽。為了通過把人放在第一位來重新排列建築優先​​級,Eran挑戰了傳統的住宅觀點,希望隨著時間的推移,它會影響我們城市的生活。其中,他的作品得到了美國建築師協會和美國註冊建築師協會的認可。 Eran以優異成績畢業於耶路撒冷Bezalel藝術與設計學院,擔任董事會成員。他經常在世界各地的設計和發展論壇以及哥倫比亞大學,克萊姆森大學,錫拉丘茲大學,卡內基梅隆建築學院和以色列理工學院等建築學院發表演講。



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