FROM:AD Interviews: Lateral Office / Chicago Architecture Biennial

Lateral Office’s work follows its namesake, looking horizontally at problems and solutions across various fields. Exploring the intersections of systems, environment and architecture, the Canadian firm often situates its projects in unusual climatic and topographic conditions, finding ways to consolidate multi-disciplinary problems with multi-disciplinary solutions.

Lateral Office’s exhibit at the Chicago Architecture Biennial, “Making Camp” looks at strategies of city planning and adapts them to the wilderness, forming new typologies of the traditional campsite. Like their previous project, Arctic Adaptations (special mention at the Venice Biennale), “Making Camp” explores the way architecture can respond to, and take advantage of nature, simultaneously preserving and using the natural environment

橫向辦公室的工作遵循其同名,橫向關注各個領域的問題和解決方案。 探索系統,環境和建築的交叉點,加拿大公司經常將其項目置於不同尋常的氣候和地形條件下,找到通過多學科解決方案整合多學科問題的方法。

橫濱辦公室在芝加哥建築雙年展上展出的“營地”展望了城市規劃策略,並使其適應荒野,形成了傳統露營地的新類型。 就像他們之前的項目一樣,Arctic Adaptations(威尼斯雙年展特別提及),“營地”探索了建築可以響應和利用自然,同時保護和利用自然環境的方式

The exhibit displays five hypothetical campsites: Closed Loop, Thermal Layers, Suspend, Off-Grid and Lookout, each taking advantage of a site’s unique characteristics to create a more immersive, communal camping experience.



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