FROM:By Design: Inside the Studio with Hapstak Demetriou – Season 1, Episode 4

Olvia Demetriou, FAIA, Graduated from The Cooper Union School of Architecture in 1980. In May of 2000, she was elected The College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects, one of the highest honors the Institute can bestow. Olvia is a registered architect with over twenty years of architectural and interior design experience and has received personal acclaim for her design talents. Her expertise includes concept creation and development, design resolution and detailing, project and construction management, FF&E specifying and supervision of construction. Olvia has served on many boards, which include The American Institute of Architects, The Maret School and The AIA/Washington Chapter’s Design Committee.

Olvia Demetriou,FAIA,1980年畢業於Cooper Union建築學院。2000年5月,她當選為美國建築師協會研究員學院,該學院授予的最高榮譽之一。 Olvia是一位註冊建築師,擁有超過20年的建築和室內設計經驗,並因其設計人才而獲得個人讚譽。 她的專長包括概念創建和開發,設計解決和細節設計,項目和施工管理,FF&E指定和施工監督。 Olvia曾在許多董事會任職,其中包括美國建築師協會,馬叻學校和AIA /華盛頓分會的設計委員會。

In a profession as complex as architecture, resistance to change is common. Adopting new technology brings new challenges. Nevertheless, as ​technology moves forward, architecture practices keep pace with it to stay relevant.

在像建築這樣複雜的職業中,對變革的抵制很常見。 採用新技術帶來了新的挑戰。 然而,隨著技術的發展,架構實踐與其保持同步以保持相關性。

Noted Architect and co-founder of DC-based architectural firm, HapstakDemetriou+ Olvia Demetriou has direct experience in confronting her resistance to change. The original digital content series for architects and designers, ​By Design​, presented by ​GRAPHISOFT​ profiles Demetriou in the episode Breaking Ground. As the series examines technology and its impact on the industry through the eyes of practicing professionals, in this segment Demetriou shares how she first began using ARCHICAD.

著名的建築師和基於DC的建築公司的聯合創始人HapstakDemetriou + Olvia Demetriou在面對變革的抗拒方面有著直接的經驗。建築師和設計師的原創數字內容系列,由設計,由GRAPHISOFT介紹Demetriou在劇集“破土動工”中。由於該系列通過專業人士的眼睛檢查技術及其對行業的影響,在這一部分中,Demetriou分享了她最初開始使用ARCHICAD的方式。

Unsure about changing her process at first, Demetriou decided to transition from 2D to 3D visualization. As she describes it, adoption of ARCHICAD, made by ​GRAPHISOFT delivered dynamic, comprehensive renderings of her designs that make her clients say “I want to live there”. Stories like this are part of By Design’s new monthly episodes and bonus content highlight everything from how technology is transforming the architect’s role ​ to contractor’s relationships with BIM​.

Demetriou最初不確定改變她的過程,決定從2D過渡到3D可視化。正如她所描述的那樣,GRAPHISOFT製作的ARCHICAD的採用為她的設計提供了動態,全面的渲染效果,使她的客戶說“我想住在那裡”。像這樣的故事是By Design新的每月劇集和獎勵內容的一部分,突出了技術如何將建築師的角色轉變為承包商與BIM的關係。

Advances in technology are enhancing design ​customization​and ​visualization​, which tend to go hand in hand. Architects need to clearly communicate their designs to clients and contractors, especially when they are highly customized. Through 3D visualization, not only can designers fine-tune their work, but they can help others better understand it. ​GRAPHISOFT​recognizes the importance of technology as an integral part of the design process and not just to show off the end result.

技術的進步正在加強設計定制和可視化,這往往是齊頭並進的。建築師需要清楚地向客戶和承包商傳達他們的設計,特別是當他們高度定制時。通過三維可視化,設計師不僅可以對其工作進行微調,還可以幫助其他人更好地理解它。 GRAPHISOFT認識到技術作為設計過程不可或缺的一部分的重要性,而不僅僅是展示最終結果。



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