Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art|銀川當代美術館





Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art 銀川當代美術館

Forming part of a new cultural complex in northern china, local practice we architech anonymous (waa) has completed yinchuan’s museum of contemporary art (MOCA). located next to the country’s famous yellow river, the scheme has been designed to bring local communities together by ‘enhancing the well-being of future social infrastructure’.

在中國北方形成了一個新的文化綜合體的一部分,我們的匿名建築(waa)的當地實踐已經完成了銀川的當代藝術博物館(MOCA)。 該計劃位於該國著名的黃河旁邊,旨在通過“增強未來社會基礎設施的福祉”將當地社區聚集在一起。

Positioned on a protected area of wetland, the narrative behind the project responds to its unique setting. focusing on the study of geomorphology, the design team drew reference from the effect the river’s erosion has had on the natural landscape. consequently, the museum’s massing becomes a diagram of these geological forces, made visible in the façade’s creases and folds.

位於濕地保護區,項目背後的敘述響應其獨特的環境。 設計團隊專注於地貌研究,從河流侵蝕對自然景觀的影響中吸取了參考。 因此,博物館的體量成為這些地質力量的圖表,在外牆的摺痕和摺痕中可見。

‘using parametric techniques we were able to visualize these layers and texturize the facade to implant an identity which echoes time through its weathering,’ explain the architects. ‘the gradual shift of the yellow river through our site has spanned the whole length of chinese civilization, which can be seen dwarfed in comparison to the river’s existence.’

“使用參數化技術,我們能夠將這些圖層可視化,並使立面紋理化以植入一種通過風化來迴響時間的身份,”建築師解釋道。 “黃河逐漸通過我們的地點逐漸轉移到整個中國文明的長度,與河流的存在相比,可以看出相形見絀。”

On approaching the building a large internal void appears to occupy the space left over from a fracture, dividing the building in two. the primary entrance is carved as a ‘weathered’ façade stretching the full height of the museum. within this space a circulation atrium contains two galleries, with the capacity to exhibit sculpture and installations at basement level.

在接近建築物時,大的內部空隙似乎佔據了裂縫留下的空間,將建築物分成兩部分。 主要入口被雕刻成一個“風化”的外觀,延伸到博物館的整個高度。 在這個空間內,一個循環中庭包含兩個畫廊,可以在地下室展示雕塑和裝置。

Above, two large galleries on level 3 provide the thematic collection through specifically curated content. the museum also integrates educational facilities alongside a lecture theater, a library workshop and classrooms found throughout the complex. the visitor then descends to an elevated display deck on the second storey before entering the permanent collection and exiting through the restaurant. an outdoor sculpture park surrounds the building.

在上面,3樓的兩個大型畫廊通過特別策劃的內容提供主題收藏。 博物館還整合了教育設施以及整個建築群內的演講廳,圖書館工作室和教室。 在進入永久收藏品並通過餐廳離開之前,遊客然後下降到第二層的高架展示平台。 一個室外雕塑公園環繞著建築。


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