Pont de Bir-Hakeim

The pont de Bir-Hakeim, formerly the pont de Passy, is a bridge that crosses the Seine River in Paris, France. It connects the city’s 15th and 16th arrondissements, and passes through the île aux Cygnes.

Pont de Bir-Hakeim,原名pont de Passy,是穿越法國巴黎塞納河的橋樑。它連接著城市的第15和第16區,並通過îleauxCygnes。

Coordinates: 48°51′20″N 2°17′16″ECoordinates: 48°51′20″N 2°17′16″E
Crosses:The Seine River
Locale:Paris, France
Next upstream:Pont d’Iéna
Next downstream:Pont Rouelle

坐標:48°51’20“N 2°17’16”ECoordinates:48°51’20“N 2°17’16”E
下游下游:Pont Rouelle

The bridge, made of steel, is the second to have stood at the site. It was constructed between 1903 and 1905, replacing an earlier bridge that had been erected in 1878. An arch bridge, it is 237 metres (777 ft) long and 24.7 metres (81 ft) wide.


It was designed by the architect Jean-Camille Formigé, who also designed the Viaduc d’Austerlitz, the greenhouses of Auteuil, and the park below the Basilica of Sacré-Coeur, and restored the Roman amphitheater in Arles and the Roman theater in Orange.

它由建築師Jean-CamilleFormigé設計,他還設計了Viaduc d’Austerlitz,Auteuil的溫室,以及Sacré-Coeur大教堂下面的公園,並修復了Arles的羅馬圓形劇場和Orange的羅馬劇院。

The bridge has two levels: one for motor vehicles and pedestrians, and a viaduct (the “viaduc de Passy”) above, through which passes Line 6 of the Paris Métro. The railway viaduct is supported by metal colonnades, except where it passes over the île aux Cygnes, where it rests on a masonry arch. Many commemorative plates decorate the viaduct bridge, including several dedicated to soldiers fallen in Belgium during the Second World War.

In addition, the central arch of the viaduct, at the level of the island, is decorated with four monumental stone statues in high-relief: figures of Science and Labor by Jules-Felix Coutan, and Electricity and Commerce by Jean Antoine Injalbert.

這座橋有兩個層次:一個用於機動車輛和行人,另一個用於上面的高架橋(“viaduc de Passy”),經過巴黎地鐵的6號線。鐵路高架橋由金屬柱廊支撐,除非它穿過îleauxCygnes,它位於磚石拱門上。許多紀念牌裝飾高架橋,包括幾個獻給第二次世界大戰期間落在比利時的士兵。

此外,高架橋的中央拱門,在島的水平,裝飾著四個巨大的浮雕石雕像:Jules-Felix Coutan的科學和勞工,以及Jean Antoine Injalbert的電力和商業。

The road level of the bridge extends out in a belvedere where it passes over the île aux Cygnes which covers the eastern end of the island. Here stands a statue named La France renaissante.

Originally named the pont de Passy (after the former commune of Passy, which it reaches), it was renamed in 1948 to commemorate the Battle of Bir Hakeim, fought by Free French forces against the German Afrika Korps in 1942.

橋的道路水平延伸到一個觀景台,在那裡它經過覆蓋島東端的îleauxCygnes。這裡有一座名為La France renaissante的雕像。

最初被命名為pont de Passy(在Passy的前公社之後,它到達),它於1948年更名為紀念Bir Hakeim戰役,由自由法國軍隊在1942年對抗德國Afrika Korps。

Many movies have featured this bridge including Rififi, Ascenseur pour l’échafaud, Zazie dans le Métro, Last Tango in Paris, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and Inception.

許多電影都有這座橋,包括Rififi,Ascenseur pour l’échafaud,Zazie dansleMétro,巴黎的Last Tango,國寶:秘密之書和創作。


FROM:Métro de Paris – Ligne 6 – MP73 – Viaduc de Passy

FROM:Pont de Bir-Hakeim, Paris! (2019)

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