Design Museum Holon 設計博物館霍隆

Design Museum Holon 設計博物館霍隆

Design Museum Holon is the first museum in Israel dedicated to Design. The building of the museum was planned and designed by Israeli architect and industrial designer Ron Arad in cooperation with Bruno Asa. The museum is in the eastern part of the new culture area of Holon that includes the Médiathèque (central library, theater, cinémathèque). Nearby is the faculty of design in the Holon Institute of Technology.

The museum opened on 3 March 2010. That is the first building that was planned by Ron Arad.

The museum was noted by travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler as one of the new world wonders.

設計博物館霍隆是以色列第一個致力於設計的博物館。 博物館的建築由以色列建築師和工業設計師Ron Arad與Bruno Asa合作策劃和設計。 該博物館位於霍隆新文化區的東部,包括Médiathèque(中央圖書館,劇院,電影院)。 附近是霍隆理工學院的設計學院。

博物館於2010年3月3日開放。這是Ron Arad計劃的第一座建築。

旅遊雜誌Conde Nast Traveler將該博物館評為新的世界奇蹟之一。

Architects:Ron Arad Architects Ltd (RAAL)
Location:Holon, Israel
Principal Designer:Ron Arad
Project Director:Asa Bruno
Project Architect :James Foster
Design Team: Marta Granda, Tavis Wright
Executive Architect :Waxman Govrin (IL)
Area: 4100.0 m2
Project Year :2010

建築師:Ron Arad Architects Ltd(RAAL)
首席設計師:Ron Arad
項目總監:Asa Bruno
項目建築師:James Foster
設計團隊:Marta Granda,Tavis Wright
執行建築師:Waxman Govrin(IL)

The site designated for the museum occupies a semi-rectangular 3,700m² lot. The generous public plaza to the north of the site was conceived of as an appropriate introductory public space and entrance route to the Museum. The gentle plateau-like topography of the site is articulated by the arrangement of the museum facilities over 2 staggered levels, connected by an external sculptural ramp – the museum’s prime circulation route.

博物館指定的場地佔地面積為3700平方米。 該遺址北面的慷慨公共廣場被認為是一個適當的入口公共空間和通往博物館的入口路線。 博物館設施超過2個錯開的水平,由外部雕塑坡道 – 博物館的主要流通路線連接起來,清晰地展現了該場地平緩的高原地形。

Creating and exploiting the tension between an internal arrangement of efficient box-like spaces, and the dynamic and curvaceous external envelope, is the guiding design principle (and economic safeguard during design development) for the entire museum. The greater part of the museum’s external appearance is shrouded by five dominant bands of Corten steel structure which undulate and meander their way in, out and around the museum’s internal volumes. At times in unison, or apart, enclosing space, or notionally defining it. The bands act as a spine for the building – both supporting large parts of it structurally and dictating its posture in relation to its surroundings. The topographic horizontality of the bands is further emphasised by a gradation of treated patinas and the subsequent weathering of the steel over the lifetime of the building, both of which echo the familiar geological striations of the Israeli desert. The bands are never entirely obscured from the visitor’s sight, and act as a visual key to one’s position within the museum.

創造和利用有效盒狀空間的內部佈置與動態和曲線形外部封套之間的張力,是整個博物館的指導性設計原則(以及設計開發過程中的經濟保障)。博物館外觀的大部分都被五個主要的Corten鋼結構所籠罩,這些鋼結構在博物館的內部空間內外波動並蜿蜒曲折。有時一致,或分開,封閉空間,或在概念上定義它。這些樂隊充當了建築物的脊柱 – 既支撐著建築物的大部分,也決定了它與周圍環境相關的姿勢。在建築物的整個使用壽命期間,經過處理的patinas的漸變和隨後的鋼的風化進一步強調了樂隊的地形水平狀態,這兩者都與以色列沙漠中熟悉的地質條紋相呼應。樂隊從來沒有完全被遊客的視線所掩蓋,並成為博物館內一個人的位置的視覺關鍵。

The museum which occupies a gross area of 4,100m², was built to a gross budget of ILS65m (£11.1m) , and was entirely publicly funded. Construction began in August 2006, and the Design Museum was inaugurated on the 31st January 2010.該博物館佔地總面積為4,100平方米,總預算為6億英鎊(1110萬英鎊),完全由公共資金支持。 建築工程於2006年8月開始,設計博物館於2010年1月31日落成。


FROM:Design Museum Holon – Ron Arad

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