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HungMeng International Development Co,.ltd established in 1982, we are enthusiastic about creating exceptional buildings especially Holiday resort ,theme park and paradise hotel, not only manufacture but also endue the spirit to the building this is our aim and sure it will be reached . From now on, Apart from the amusement place we also wish to popularize and wholesale the decorating building mold to get closer to the retail shops and residence, may you have any inquiries or anything unclear online please do contact us , we will assist you.

Our aim to study in the classical european architectural history is to gain the inspiration From the path of historical architecture of human being then create and give the new life to the architecture.


豪門國際開發股份有限公司成立於1982年,我們熱衷於創造特殊的建築,特別是度假勝地,主題公園和天堂酒店,不僅製造,而且還將精神賦予建築這是我們的目標,並確保它將達到。 從現在開始,除了娛樂場所,我們也希望推廣和批發裝修建築模具,以便更接近零售商店和住宅,如果您有任何疑問或在線不清楚,請聯繫我們,我們將協助您。


Hung Meng International Sculptural Works of Theme Park Project


HungMeng International Sculpture building attractions whole the Theme Parks 豪門國際雕塑打造主題樂園,有關豪門相關介紹,從雕塑到安裝完成流程介紹. – Official website

Our design not only persist in seeking the proof from evolution of the architectural history but also investigate the artistic harmony of architectural element in the European interior/exterior design.

The best learning routes to provide the desIgn rules or the constructional principle to the architect is to study in the classical European architecture.

Those rules and principles not only the creative root for the architect but also our growth process.

If you are planing to update the creative concept please do contact us. because the project list below demonstration our professional.

We are pleased to provide our professional experience in design or construction of either interior/exterior design or garden mapping out. We also look forward to facilitating you to accomplish your dreaming ideas.

Our products vary from flowerpot, flower vase, interior/exterior fountain, home furnishings, garden statue, European style furniture, mural, candle stand, Christmas decorations, decoration molding to all kinds of sculpture.

the main materials of our product are GRP, GRG and GRC.

We also design and customize the products to meet the demands of our clients.

Our products are normally applied to theme park, Luxury Hotel, Gardening, school, landscape program me, temples….etc. All of our products conform to the International Quality Standards, so that we are accepted and approved by the international market.

With abundant experience over 25 years and number ous exquisite artistry sculptor team, we persist in the commitment of providing the best-quality products, top quality service and the competitive price.












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