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Charles Renfro

DS+R (Diller Scofidio + Renfro) is one of the most acclaimed architecture practices of these days. The firm was started by Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio back in 1979, and were later joined by Charles Renfro as a partner in 2004.

In the past years the firm has been involved in several cultural projects, including the Blur Building at the Swiss Expo 2002, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, the Julliard School, the Alice Tully Hall and the Hypar Pavilion at the Lincoln Center in New York and the Center for the Creative Arts at Brown University. They are also currently working on the Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, the Broad Museum in Los Angeles, the Museum of Image & Audio in Rio de Janeiro, the Columbia Medical Building and Business School in New York… and the list just keeps growing.

But for sure one of their most important projects has been The Highline, together with James Corner / Field Operations. This urban regeneration project that has not only changed Manhattan, but has also inspired cities around the world to understand their hidden value. This project is currently on its third stage, which includes a multi-use venue designed by DS+R, the Culture Shed.

In all these projects, there is a common denominator between private/public space relationships, as discussed with Charles Renfro on this interview. On this conversation you will also understand a very important part of the firm’s work that is very hard to transmit in traditional architecture media, and even on the web: the experience. The art and performance projects that the firm has been doing since its beginning has added a particular layer to their built work. After you see their installations, the effect they want to create on people, and then go back to their built projects, you start to see them as a series of situations where users are not static, but part of this performance.

Take for example the sunken auditorium at the Highline, a place that is meant to be seen by the cars driving below, who get a glimpse of the active urban life above. Or the hanging media center at the ICA, that uses the sea as a facade. Or The Art of Scent exhibit at the MAD Museum, where they exhibit the intangible. Or at the Blur Building, how do you enter into a cloud.

DS+R’s work is very clear and bold at a first glance, but with many underlaying moments and situations, that reflect the careful design of each project.

DS + R(Diller Scofidio + Renfro)是當今最受歡迎的建築實踐之一。該公司由Elizabeth Diller和Ricardo Scofidio於1979年創立,後來由Charles Renfro於2004年加入。

在過去的幾年裡,該公司參與了多個文化項目,包括2002年瑞士博覽會的模糊大樓,波士頓當代藝術學院,Julliard學校,Alice Tully大廳和新林肯中心的Hypar Pavilion。約克和布朗大學創意藝術中心。他們目前還在伯克利的藝術博物館和太平洋電影資料館,洛杉磯的博物館,里約熱內盧的圖像和音頻博物館,紐約的哥倫比亞醫學大樓和商學院……以及名單上只是不斷增長。

但可以肯定的是,他們最重要的項目之一是The Highline,以及James Corner / Field Operations。這個城市更新項目不僅改變了曼哈頓,而且還激勵了世界各地的城市了解其隱藏的價值。該項目目前正處於第三階段,其中包括由DS + R,Culture Shed設計的多用途場地。

在所有這些項目中,私人/公共空間關係之間存在共同點,正如Charles Renfro在本次採訪中所討論的那樣。在這次對話中,您還將了解公司工作的一個非常重要的部分,即傳統建築媒體甚至網絡上的傳播都非常難以傳播:體驗。公司自成立以來一直在做的藝術和表演項目為他們的建築工作增添了特殊的層次。在看到他們的安裝,他們想要在人們身上創建的效果,然後回到他們構建的項目之後,您開始將它們看作一系列用戶不是靜態的情況,而是這種性能的一部分。

以Highline的凹陷禮堂為例,這是一個可以被下面駕駛的汽車看到的地方,可以看到上面活躍的城市生活。或者是ICA的懸掛式媒體中心,它以大海為立面。或者在MAD博物館展出香水藝術,展示無形資產。或者在Blur Building,您如何進入雲端。

DS + R的工作乍看之下非常清晰和大膽,但是有許多下層時刻和情境,這反映了每個項目的精心設計。



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