American Radiator Building 美國散熱器摩天大樓

American Radiator Building 美國散熱器摩天大樓


The American Radiator Building (since renamed to the American Standard Building) is a landmark skyscraper located at 40 West 40th Street, in midtown ManhattanNew York City. It was conceived by the architects John Howells and Raymond Hood, and built in 1924 for the American Radiator Company.

美國散熱器大廈(自改名為美國標準大廈)是位於紐約市曼哈頓市中心40號西40街的一座標誌性摩天大樓。 它由建築師約翰·霍威爾斯(John Howells)和胡蒙德·胡德(Raymond Hood)構思,並於1924年為美國散熱器公司而建造。

The American Radiator Building
Location 40 West 40th Street
Manhattan, New York City
Built 1924
Architect Raymond Hood and André Fouilhoux [1] Architectural style Gothic Art Deco
NRHP reference # 80002663
Significant dates
Added to NRHP May 7, 1980
Designated NYCL November 12, 1974

建築師Raymond Hood和AndréFouilhoux [1] 建築風格哥特式裝飾藝術

History and description[edit] The building’s structural form is based on Eliel Saarinen’s unbuilt competition entry for the Tribune Tower, augmented with a strong use of color.
40th Street facade
The architects combined Gothic and modern styles in the design of the building. Black brick on the frontage of the building (symbolizing coal) was selected to give an idea of solidity and to give the building a solid mass. Other parts of the facade were covered in gold bricks (symbolizing fire), and the entry was decorated with marble and black mirrors. Howells and Hood employed the talents of their frequent collaborator Rene Paul Chambellan for the ornamentation and sculptures.

In 1998, the building was sold to Philip Pilevsky for $150 million. Three years afterwards, the American Radiator Building was converted into The Bryant Park Hotel with 130 rooms and a theatre in the basement.

The landmark status of the exterior required the conversion pay special attention to the renovation of the facade decor, and prohibited proposed changes such as bigger guestroom windows. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was also a subject of Georgia O’Keeffe in her noted 1927 painting Radiator Building – Night, New York.

Architects: Hood and Fouilhoux, 1924. American Radiator Building (originally), now American Standard Building.
American Radiator Building|美國散熱器摩天大樓

歷史和描述[編輯] 該建築的結構形式是基於Eliel Saarinen為“論壇報”大樓提供的未經建造的參賽作品,增加了強烈的色彩運用。
建築師在建築設計中融合了哥特風格和現代風格。建築物正面的黑色磚塊(象徵煤炭)被選中,以提供一個堅實的想法,並給建築物一個堅實的群眾。門面的其他部分覆蓋著金磚(象徵著火),入口處裝飾著大理石和黑色的鏡子。 Howells和胡德利用他們的頻繁合作者Rene Paul Chambellan的才華來裝飾和雕塑。

1998年,該建築以1.5億美元的價格賣給了菲利普·皮列夫斯基(Philip Pilevsky)。三年後,美國的散熱器大廈被改造成布賴恩特公園酒店,擁有130間客房和一間位於地下室的劇院。

外觀的地標性要求轉換時要特別注意立面裝飾的改造,禁止更大的客房窗戶等建議的改變。該建築被列入國家史蹟名錄。這也是格魯吉亞O’Keeffe在1927年著名的紐約“散熱器大廈”(Radiator Building – Night)繪畫作品中的一個主題。



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