Monument #32 Helter Shelter

Donald Trump is yet to make a presidential visit to Sydney, but Melbourne-based artist Callum Morton has delivered us something even better – and frankly, probably less likely to cause permanent damage to our beautiful city. His new artwork, ‘Monument #32: Helter Shelter’, allows visitors to step inside Trump’s head, take a seat, and take shelter from the elements. Which frankly makes this Trump significantly more useful than the actual 45th president of the United States.

唐納德特朗普尚未對悉尼進行總統訪問,但墨爾本的藝術家卡勒姆莫頓為我們提供了更好的東西 – 坦率地說,可能不太可能對我們美麗的城市造成永久性損害。 他的新作品“紀念碑#32:Helter Shelter”讓遊客走進特朗普的腦袋,坐下來,避開這些元素。 坦率地說,這個特朗普比實際的美國第45任總統更有用。

The temporary sculpture, installed by the water at the end of Exchange Place in Barangaroo, is about the size of a bus stop. At the front, Trump stares down Barangaroo with striking blue eyes. The back of his head is hollowed out and completely empty. Make of that what you will.


“The proverb and curse ‘may you live in interesting times’ comes to head-on fruition in Callum Morton’s sculpture, commissioned by Sydney Contemporary for the Barangaroo Precinct,” Glass-Kantor says. “In reference to the social, cultural, and political traumas plaguing the Trump era, Morton highlights the ripple effects of the U.S. president’s unnerving presence and constructs a topical, politically charged public art installation. Passersby literally stop in their tracks as they encounter the unmistakably tangerine features of the president rising from the pavement, grafted into a Frankenstein mix of theme-park homage and minor architecture. Morton is a deft hand at dark humour and this work plays with form and dysfunction—the front is a bravura of portraiture, whilst the reverse is a hollowed-out shelter (of sorts), offering very little reprieve from the current maelstrom of global politics. Ultimately what lies within is anyone’s guess.”

“諺語和詛咒’可能你生活在有趣的時代’來自Callum Morton的雕塑,由悉尼當代藝術委員會為Barangaroo Precinct委託製作,”Glass-Kantor說。 “在談到困擾特朗普時代的社會,文化和政治創傷時,莫頓強調了美國總統令人不安的存在的漣漪效應,並構建了一個充滿政治色彩的公共藝術裝置。路人們完全停留在他們的軌道上,因為他們遇到了總統從人行道上升起的明顯的橘子特徵,嫁接到主題公園敬意和小建築的科學怪人混合體中。莫頓是黑暗幽默的靈巧手,這項工作與形式和功能障礙有關 – 前面是肖像畫的大膽,而反面是一個掏空的庇護所(各種各樣),幾乎沒有緩解當前全球政治的漩渦。最終,任何人都在猜測。“


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