TsUM (Moscow)

TsUM — Central Universal Department Store (Russian: ЦУМ – Центральный Универсальный Магазин, tr. TsUM – Tsentralʹnyĭ Universalʹnyĭ Magazin) is a high end department stores in Moscow.

The store is in a six-story historical Gothic Revival style building on Petrovka Street at Theatre Square (Teatralnaya Square) in the Tverskoy District of central Moscow. The TsUM interiors have been refurbished many times, most recently in 2007. TsUM is a part of the Mercury Group.

TsUM – Central Universal Department Store(俄語:ЦУМ – ЦентральныйУниверсальныйМагазин,tr.TsUM – Tsentral’nyĭUnivers’nyĭMagazin)是莫斯科的高端百貨商店。

該商店位於莫斯科市中心Tverskoy區的劇院廣場(Teatralnaya廣場)的Petrovka街上,是一座六層歷史悠久的哥特復興風格建築。 TsUM室內設計已經多次翻新,最近一次是在2007年.TsUM是Mercury Group的一部分。

Muir & Mirrielees Co.
In 1857 merchants Andrew Muir (1817–1899) and Archibald Mirrielees (1797–1877), who had arrived in St. Petersburg separately, founded the “Muir and Mirrielees” Trading Company. Archibald Mirrielees was resident in St. Petersburg from 1822. In 1843 he established his own company, one of the most significant Anglo-Russian merchant houses.

In the 1880s the company transferred from St. Petersburg to Moscow and acquired a building for their haberdashery shop in Theatre Square. Their new building was erected there in 1908 in the Gothic Revival style with some modern elements. The project was designed by the famous Russian architect Roman Klein. “Muir and Mirrielees” was the first and the largest department store in the last days of the Russian Empire (one could buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, perfumery and toys there). The store attracted the highest public interest: “In the eyes of the Muscovites “Muir and Mirrielees” is a kind of exhibition of everything that was on sale in the capital, be it for the rich and the high society, or for the middle-class customers” wrote one of the contemporaries. The store delivered throughout the Russian empire.

The company established a furniture factory and other stores (Торговый дом Хомякова (in Russian), Маросейка (in Russian)). The company was nationalised during the Russian Revolution and the assets confiscated in 1918 by the Bolsheviks, who renamed “Muir & Mirrielees”, first to “MosTorg” in 1922 and later to TsUM.

In 2013 the European Capital Investment Fund, owner of the majority of TsUM’s shares, forced a buyout from minority shareholders; the company was subsequently delisted from the Moscow Exchange.

Muir&Mirrielees Co.
1857年,分別抵達聖彼得堡的商人Andrew Muir(1817-1899)和Archibald Mirrielees(1797-1877)成立了“Muir and Mirrielees”貿易公司。 Archibald Mirrielees於1822年居住在聖彼得堡。1843年,他建立了自己的公司,這是英國最重要的商業公司之一。

在19世紀80年代,該公司從聖彼得堡轉移到莫斯科,並在劇院廣場為他們的小百貨商店購買了一座建築。他們的新建築於1908年在哥特式複興風格中建造,具有一些現代元素。該項目由著名的俄羅斯建築師羅曼克萊因設計。 “Muir and Mirrielees”是俄羅斯帝國最後幾天中第一家也是最大的百貨公司(可以在那裡買衣服,鞋子,珠寶,香水和玩具)。這家商店吸引了最高的公眾興趣:“在莫斯科的眼中,Muir和Mirrielees”是一種展示在首都出售的所有東西,無論是富人和上流社會,還是中間 – 班級客戶“寫了一個同時代的人。這家商店在整個俄羅斯帝國交付。




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