Ostankino Tower 奧斯坦金諾電視塔

Well known Ostankino TV tower in Moscow and night glowing of residential districts and streets around it.

Ostankino Tower (Russian: Останкинская телебашня, Ostankinskaya telebashnya) is a television and radio tower in Moscow, Russia, owned by the Moscow branch of unitary enterprise Russian TV and Radio Broadcasting Network. Standing 540.1 metres (1,772 ft) tall, Ostankino was designed by Nikolai Nikitin. It is currently the tallest free-standing structure in Europe and 11th tallest in the world. The tower was the first free-standing structure to exceed 500 m (1,600 ft) in height. Ostankino was built to mark the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution. It is named after the Ostankino district of Moscow in which it is located.

Construction began in 1963 and was completed in 1967. Extensive use of prestressed concrete resulted in a simple and sturdy structure. It surpassed the Empire State Building to become the tallest free-standing structure in the world. It held this record for eight years until it was overtaken by the CN Tower in 1975, which surpassed its height by 13 metres (43 ft).The Ostankino Tower remained the second-tallest free-standing structure in the world for another 32 years until the Burj Khalifa surpassed both it and the CN Tower in height in 2007. The Ostankino Tower has remained the tallest structure in Europe for over 50 years.

A 1994 plan to increase the tower’s height to 561 metres (1,841 ft) by adding an antenna was not implemented for lack of funding.

奧斯坦金諾大廈(俄語:Останкинскаятелебашня,Ostankinskaya telebashnya)是俄羅斯莫斯科的一個電視和無線電塔,由俄羅斯電視和廣播電視網統一企業莫斯科分公司所有。奧斯坦金諾身高540.1米(1,772英尺),由尼古拉·尼基金設計。它是目前歐洲最高的獨立式建築,也是世界第11高的建築。該塔是第一個高度超過500米(1,600英尺)的獨立式結構。奧斯坦金諾是為紀念十月革命50週年而建。它以莫斯科的奧斯坦金諾(Ostankino)地區命名。

建築始於1963年,並於1967年完工。預應力混凝土的廣泛使用使結構簡單而堅固。它超越了帝國大廈,成為世界上最高的獨立式建築。它保持了八年的記錄,直到1975年被加拿大國家電視塔超越,超過其高度13米(43英尺)。奧斯坦金諾大廈仍然是世界上第二高的獨立式建築,為期32年。 2007年,哈利法塔(Burj Khalifa)的高度超過了它和加拿大國家電視塔(CN Tower)。奧斯坦金諾塔(Ostankino Tower)在歐洲仍然是50年來最高的建築。


Type:Observation, telecommunications, tourism
Location:Moscow, Russia
Coordinates:55°49′11″N 37°36′42″E
Construction started:1963
Owner:unitary enterprise Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network
Antenna spire: 540.1 m (1,772.0 ft)
Roof :385.4 m (1,264.4 ft)
Top floor :360.4 m (1,182.4 ft)
Technical details
Floor count :120 (equivalent)
Floor area :15,000 m2 (160,000 sq ft)
Lifts/elevators :11
Design and construction
Structural engineer: Nikolai Nikitin

坐標:55°49’11“N 37°36’42”E
結構工程師:Nikolai Nikitin

The Ostankino TV Tower was built in 1963 and completed in 1967. In the eight years after its completion, the Ostankino TV Tower maintained its title as the world’s tallest building until the Canadian National Television Tower in Toronto, Canada, fell in 1976. In 1994, it was planned to install an antenna at the top of the tower, which made the height of the TV tower reach 561 meters, but was later cancelled due to lack of funds [2]. Even if the antenna is installed at the top of the tower, the Ostankino TV Tower will be surpassed by the Russian Tower. It is a composite skyscraper and is currently in the Moscow International Business Center with a planned height of 612.2 meters. Construction was cancelled in 2009).

The Ostankino TV Tower currently broadcasts a total of 15 TV channels, 14 radio channels and other satellite TV channels. The Ostankino TV Tower has a total weight of 51,400 metric tons and has 45 floors. The main observation deck in the TV Tower is located at a height of 337 meters and has 3 restaurants.



Concept of design

The designer of the TV tower, the genius engineer of the Soviet era, “Nicholas Vasilyevich Nikitin (Николай Васильевич Никитин), painted the design in just one night. According to legend, the inspiration from his wife’s inverted “lily flower”.

電視塔的設計者,蘇聯時期的天才工程師 “ 尼古拉 · 瓦西里耶維奇 · 尼基丁 (Николай Васильевич Никитин)”,只用一個晚上就繪出了設計圖。相傳,靈感來自老婆的一朵倒立的 “ 百合花兒 ”。

How the tower was built
The Ostankino Tower is an architectural surprise in a city not known for its skyscrapers. Extensive use of pre-stressed concrete resulted in a simple and sturdy structure that was a masterpiece of Soviet engineering at the time.

The concrete is reinforced with steel cables which are compressed – allowing the structure to stretch in response to forces like wind and structural movement. The pre-stressed concrete with steel reinforcement is also able to handle compression by the same forces.

The tower (outside ring) and the shaft (inside ring) of the structure also have separate foundations which allows for differences in pressure exerted on the ground by the two structures.

奧斯坦金諾大廈(Ostankino Tower)是一座以其摩天大樓而聞名的城市中的建築驚喜。大量使用預應力混凝土,形成了簡單而堅固的結構,是當時蘇聯工程的傑作。

混凝土用鋼絲繩加固,鋼筋被壓縮 – 允許結構在風和結構運動的作用下伸展。具有鋼筋的預應力混凝土也能夠通過相同的力來處理壓縮。


The Ostankino TV Tower is also a representative building in Moscow. Located at an altitude of 337 to 340 meters above sea level, the viewing platform attracts millions of visitors from all over the world; many panoramic restaurants offer a romantic and casual atmosphere. The Ostankino TV Tower has become one of the most popular attractions in Moscow.


FROM:Ostankino TV tower / Observation deck @ 337 meters :: DJI Phantom 4

FROM:Einmal in Russland: Der Fernsehturm Ostankino – Ein architektonisches Meisterwerk

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