FROM:AD Interviews: Jingyu Liang / Curator of Chinese Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

In this interview, curator Jingyu Liang of Approach Architecture Studio discusses the concept behind "Daily Design, Daily Tao – Back to the Ignored Front," the theme of the Chinese Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Biennale. Responding to 2016 Biennale director Alejandro Aravena's overall theme of "Reporting From the Front," the pavilion takes an introspective look at China's own architectural front, and the impact that the country's ongoing development boom has had on Chinese architecture.

"What I want to call people to pay attention to is our daily life, and through that daily life, you can find out the daily tao."

在這次採訪中,走廊建築工作室的策展人Jingyu Liang在2016年威尼斯雙年展上討論了“日常設計,每日道 - 回到被忽視的陣線”背後的概念。 為響應2016年雙年展導演亞歷杭德羅·阿拉維納的“從前線報導”的整體主題,該展館對中國自己的建築前沿以及該國持續發展的繁榮對中國建築的影響進行了反思。




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