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When you choose the Savaria Gearless elevator, you appreciate the best. Our gearless traction system operates with extremely low noise levels. Whether you are riding the elevator, or in an adjacent room, the overall operation is whisper quiet. Dual traction, heavy gauge ropes and high density rubber guide rollers make for the ultimate smooth ride including a soft start and stop. A bi-directional overspeed governor and slack cable safety brake ensures reliable and safe operation.

A uni-body construction offers structural consistency for rails, the machine drive and other operational components. The compact design requires less overhead clearance and pit depth than other designs on the market. Finish your elevator in hardwood or veneer, or opt for decorator vinyl laminate.

當您選擇Savaria Gearless電梯時,您會欣賞到最好的電梯。 我們的無齒輪牽引系統以極低的噪音水平運行。 無論您是乘坐電梯還是在相鄰的房間,整體操作都是安靜的。 雙牽引,重型繩索和高密度橡膠導輥可實現極佳的平穩行駛,包括軟啟動和停止。 雙向超速調速器和鬆弛電纜安全制動器確保可靠和安全的操作。

單體結構為導軌,機器驅動和其他操作組件提供結構一致性。 緊湊的設計比市場上的其他設計需要更少的頂部間隙和凹坑深度。 用硬木或單板完成電梯,或選擇裝飾乙烯基層壓板。


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