Giant Typewriter Eraser

Artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen are known for making giant scale interpretations of otherwise mundane, everyday objects — a rubber stamp, a spoon and cherry, a flashlight. This work, titled “Scale X” is a 19 ft. 4-in. tall version of a vintage circular typewriter eraser.

藝術家Claes Oldenburg和Coosje van Bruggen以其他平凡的日常物品 – 橡皮圖章,勺子和櫻桃,手電筒 – 進行巨型演繹而聞名。這項名為“Scale X”的作品是19英尺4英寸。高版本的老式圓形打字機橡皮擦。

Post-typewriter generations may parse it as an early Segway or an obscure Rick and Morty character, but this is one where the elders know best.

後期打字機可能會將其解析為早期的Segway或一個模糊的Rick and Morty角色,但這是老年人最熟悉的角色。

Typewriter erasers traditionally featured a rubber wheel around a hub, topped with a brush mohawk to wipe away eraser crumbs. Circular erasers for remedying mistakes on manual typewriters, around since the 19th century, evolved over decades. In the 1920s, the Eberhard Faber company manufactured them with the (once) familiar soft red wheel and brush attachment.

打字機橡皮擦傳統上以輪轂周圍的橡膠輪為特色,頂部用刷子莫霍克擦拭橡皮擦碎屑。自19世紀以來,用於修復手動打字機錯誤的圓形橡皮擦已經發展了數十年。在20世紀20年代,Eberhard Faber公司使用(曾經)熟悉的軟紅色輪子和刷子附件製造它們。

Claes Oldenburg had the idea to sculpt a typerwriter eraser in 1975, but it wasn’t until 1999 that he actually fabricated one from fiberglass and painted stainless steel. It’s in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. There’s an identical “Scale X” in Seattle, and this one on a public thoroughfare in Las Vegas, which seems the most out of place to exhibit office arcana as art.

克拉斯·奧爾登堡(Claes Oldenburg)曾想過要在1975年塑造一個typerwriter橡皮擦,但直到1999年他才真正用玻璃纖維和塗漆的不銹鋼製作。它是華盛頓特區國家藝術館的永久收藏品。在西雅圖有一個相同的“Scale X”,這個在拉斯維加斯的公共通道上,這似乎是最不合適的展示辦公室奧秘作為藝術。

The sculpture is on the pedestrian promenade above Aria Place, surrounded by tall hotels, casinos and Strip businesses. It’s not visible from Las Vegas Avenue, but walk up and you may have it all to yourself for a few moments.

If you can’t erase your debts before leaving Las Vegas, at least erase your guilt here.

雕塑位於Aria Place上方的步行長廊上,周圍環繞著高大的酒店,賭場和地帶企業。在拉斯維加斯大道上看不到它,但是走一走,你可能會把這一切都給自己一會兒。



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