Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate was created by using computer technology to cut 168 massive stainless-steel plates into precise shapes which were then pieced together like a puzzle and welded shut. Once fully assembled, the 12-foot-high central arch provided a “gate” to the concave chamber on the underside of the sculpture prompting Kapoor to formally name the piece Cloud Gate. A network of two large internal rings connects a truss that allowed the sculpture to be assembled and direct the weight to two points at the base. The stainless-steel skin was attached to the internal structure with flexible connectors that allow it to expand and contract in response to the extreme weather conditions in Chicago. The cost of Cloud Gate was completely underwritten by the Millennium Park Foundation using funds from private donors.

雲門是通過使用計算機技術將168塊大型不銹鋼板切割成精確的形狀而創建的,然後拼接成拼圖並焊接在一起。 完成裝配後,12英尺高的中央拱門為雕塑底部的凹腔提供了一個“門”,促使卡普爾正式命名為雲門。 由兩個大內圈連接的網絡連接一個桁架,允許雕塑組裝並將重量引導到底座的兩個點。 不銹鋼表皮與內部結構相連,帶有柔性連接器,可以根據芝加哥的極端天氣條件進行擴展和收縮。 雲門的成本完全由千禧公園基金會使用私人捐助者的資金承擔。

British artist Anish Kapoor has reached a settlement with the NRA for using his reflective Bean sculpture in one of their promotional videos. The ad, titled The Violence of Laws, had used images of modern architectural landmarks, such a Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall, Piano’s New York Times building, and Kapoor’s Cloud Gate, as stand-ins of liberal elitism.

In March, Kapoor condemned the non-profit which advocates for gun rights for their use of the image, and filed a copyright infringement lawsuit in the US District Court in Illinois later that summer. Reached out-of-court, the current settlement has the NRA agreeing to remove the image from their video. Further, Kapoor has asked the US gun lobby to donate $1 million to charities working with victims of gun violence such as Every Town for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Actions for Gun Sense in America.

In a press statement released through Lisson Gallery, who represents the artist, Kapoor declared triumph over the NRA. “This is a victory not just in defense of the copyright of my work, but it is also a declaration that we stand with those who oppose gun violence in America and elsewhere.

“The NRA will not be allowed to use art in support of their propaganda,” he added.

英國藝術家Anish Kapoor與NRA達成和解協議,在其宣傳視頻中使用他的反光豆雕塑。這部名為“暴力法律”的廣告使用了現代建築地標的圖像,如蓋里的迪斯尼音樂廳,鋼琴的紐約時報大樓和卡普爾的雲門,作為自由精英主義的立場。


在代表藝術家的Lisson畫廊發布的新聞聲明中,卡普爾宣布戰勝全國步槍協會。 “這不僅是為了捍衛我的作品的版權而取得的勝利,但它也是一個宣言,我們支持那些反對美國和其他地方槍支暴力的人。



FROM:Cloud Gate : the way you have never seen it before

FROM:Time-lapse video: A day at the “Bean”

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