Bab al-Qasr


Bab al-Qasr
General information
Address 176 Corniche Road West, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 63410
Cost 375 million USD
Technical details
Floor count 37
Floor area 180,000
Design and construction
Developer (Emroc) Emirates-Moroccan General Trading & Investment Company
Other information
Number of rooms 677

地址阿拉伯聯合酋長國阿布扎比Corniche Road West 176號郵編63410
開發商(Emroc)阿聯酋 – 摩洛哥一般貿易投資公司

Bab al-Qasr is a 5-star luxury hotel located on the west end of the Corniche in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The hotel is located opposite the Emirates Palace and features views of both the palace complex and private beaches. The property boasts 677 rooms, which include bedrooms, suites and residential apartments. Amenities include several dining outlets, a state-of-the-art spa and gym, spacious venues for special events and weddings, a private beach and an outdoor infinity pool. The hotel had its soft opening on October 25, 2016 and its grand opening has yet to take place.

Bab al-Qasr是一家五星級豪華酒店,位於阿拉伯聯合酋長國首都阿布扎比的Corniche西端。
酒店位於酋長國宮殿對面,享有宮殿建築群和私人海灘的景緻。 酒店擁有677間客房,包括臥室,套房和住宅公寓。 設施包括幾個餐飲場所,一個先進的水療和健身房,特別活動和婚禮的寬敞場地,一個私人海灘和一個室外無邊泳池。 酒店於2016年10月25日開業,尚未開幕。

فندق باب القصر ابو ظبى – BAB AL QASR HOTEL ABU DHABI

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The Bab Al Qasr project in Abu Dhabi is likely to complete its MEP work by the third quarter next year, according to the contractor for this area of work.

Burak Kizilhan, business development manager, said the company would be looking to complete its extensive installation work on the mixed use development, which will comprise of two 32-floor towers that will sit atop a four-floor atrium over the road from Emirates Palace on Abu Dhabi’s Corniche.

“We will supply and install all MEP elements to the buildings,” he says. “This includes medium voltage systems, transformers, generators, low voltage distribution system, weak current systems and lighting. Then on the mechanical side there is all the heating and cooling, fire fighting equipment, plumbing and the BMS. The project is around AED 200 million.

“We are looking to be finished around the third quarter next year,” he added.

The company has been onsite at Bab Al Qasr as long as Nurol, the main contractor for the Bab Al Qasr, which has mobilised since October to complete the shoring work on the 16.8ha site before the main construction. “For us, the MEP contractor should day-by-day be working together with the contractor; so we’ve been onsite since October too.”

Last week, CW revealed that the two towers’ structures would be complete next month.

AE Arma-Elektropanc MEP Company is one of the biggest MEP contractors in the world, with a current global project backlog worth $500 million across Europe, Asia and Africa. The company has just handed over the tallest building in Europe – the Capital City tower in Moscow in Russia.

The company is also working on a five-star hotel in Algeria, along with extensive work in its home markets well as Cyprus and Qatar. Its scope of projects includes administration buildings, education and commercial facilities, health centres, as well as residential buildings.

The company has also worked on projects in Dubai, where the company first established itself as a contracgtor in the UAE and currently works under the joint venture Bin Belaila AE
Arma-Elektropanc MEP Company.

These include the first and third packages on Shoreline Apartments on Palm Jumeirah, and Zabeel Palace. The company has been busy tendering for much of the y ear at the same time it is completing projects.

“At the tender stage we always go for a complete MEP package,” he says. “This makes sense for a company our size. We have also worked on projects of a similar size in Dubai.”

根據這個工作領域的承包商,阿布扎比的Bab Al Qasr項目可能會在明年第三季度完成環保部的工作。

業務發展經理Burak Kizilhan表示,該公司將在混合用途開發項目上完成大規模的安裝工作,該項目將包括兩座32層的塔樓,這些塔樓將坐落在酋長國宮殿的一條四層中庭上方。阿布扎比的濱海路。

他說:“我們將向建築物供應和安裝所有的MEP元素。 “這包括中壓系統,變壓器,發電機,低壓配電系統,弱電系統和照明。然後在機械方面有所有的加熱和冷卻,消防設備,管道和BMS。該項目約為2億迪拉姆。


公司一直在Bab Al Qasr工作,只要Nurol是Bab Al Qasr的主要承包商,該公司自10月份以來已經動員起來在主要施工前完成16.8公頃的支撐工程。 “對我們來說,MEP承包商應該每天與承包商一起工作;所以我們自十月份以來一直在現場。“


AE Arma-Elektropanc MEP公司是世界上最大的MEP承包商之一,目前在歐洲,亞洲和非洲的全球項目已經耗資5億美元。該公司剛剛交出了歐洲最高的建築 – 俄羅斯莫斯科的首都塔樓。


該公司還在迪拜進行項目,該公司首先在阿聯酋成為合同夥伴,目前在合資企業Bin Belaila AE
Arma-Elektropanc MEP公司。


他說:“在招標階段,我們總是會選擇一個完整的MEP包裝。 “這對於我們這個規模的公司是有意義的。我們還在迪拜進行過類似規模的項目。“

BAB AL QASR HOTEL ABU DHABI فندق باب القصر ابوظبي




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