Chong De School 崇德學院

Chong De School 崇德學院

Architectural style: modern style
Location: Nantou,Taiwan
Architect:Li Minlang
Square footage:108000
Indoor layout: commercial space
Main building materials: coffee stone, Sophie gray stone, 80*80 polished brick, modeling ceiling, black mirror, tea glass hardware
Design concept: surrounded by mountains and greenery, under the blue sky, the solemn and elegant Buddhist temple is outstanding, and the director of the elegant design of Li Jianlang takes the elegance of the East and the classical of the West, complemented by the modern and highly degenerate style. In the past and present, the harmonious exchange between China and the West, the achievement of the world’s great harmony, giving the world a positive model of the soul.

主營建材:咖啡石,蘇菲灰石,80 * 80拋光磚,造型吊頂,黑鏡,茶玻璃五金
設計理念:四面環山,綠意盎然,蔚藍的天空下,莊嚴典雅的佛教寺廟非常出色,李健朗優雅設計的導演秉承東方的優雅與西方的古典,輔以現代 和高度墮落的風格。 在過去和現在,中西和諧交流,實現世界的和諧,給世界一個積極的靈魂模型。

Surrounded by mountains and greenery, under the blue sky, the solemn and elegant Buddhist temple is outstanding, and the director of the elegant design of Li Jianlang takes the elegance of the East and the classical of the West, complemented by the modern and highly degraded style. In the shuttle between China and the West, the concept of the world of Datong, which gives the world a great harmony, gives the world a positive model of the soul.


Solemn and elegant modern Buddhist temple

Unveiling the low-profile veil, the human life of the first century, hopes to impart knowledge, promote the Fa and the virtues through a solemn and open college hall, and enrich the students into the church, and upgrade the study to lifelong cultivation and heart-to-heart. Li Minlang, the design director who has his own architectural expertise, has undergone numerous review procedures, such as open tendering and design proposals. He finally gave a speech on the belief and spirit of creation in front of the Chongde College unit, and the core of the right and wrong thinking and service. With a solid construction design strength and winning the college standard, after a year and a half, it finally completed the construction of a simple, smooth and bright educational temple that is classical, solemn, elegant and modern.



The most art of softness and softness

The oriental style inherits the gracefulness of introversion, freehand and humanity, and the artistic spirit of “meaning is greater than shape”; Western aesthetics emphasizes the exquisite carving of the outward appearance, and never shows the totem of the shape outside, so when the content is rich, Ideas and exquisite confrontation, conciseness and classical dialogue, an inclusive, rigid and soft aesthetic, the best in response.



The palace-style column is curved and stands in a classical style. It is invited to the interior, and the marble-shaped “Li Datong” article explains the ultimate spirit of “World Datong” and encourages students to take the world and the good for their own sake. For the self, the ancients have a cloud: they have established themselves, and they have Dada people. It is the world of Datong.


The main hall is high and the lines are interlaced, concise and orderly, and elegantly intersected; standing under the dome, it is like being in the sky, looking up at the carved frame, in the solid background, more tension and meticulous, the beauty of art is not And the international conference hall, which can accommodate more than 200 people, has become the favorite of teachers and students. It is spacious, comfortable and advanced in equipment. It provides professional venues for seminars, international exchanges and academic speeches.


The birth of Chongde College not only won the unanimous approval of the children, but also the milestone of the design of the Buddhist academy, and the classic work of classical and artistic coexistence. Its beauty and solemnity has become a place of care for both mind and body.



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