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Every Ellison door is 100% custom. Choices in material, finish, size, hardware, and style are only the beginning. The final design is determined by the vision of the project team and functional needs of the project.

每個埃里森門都是100%定制。 材料,表面處理,尺寸,硬件和款式的選擇只是一個開始。 最終設計取決於項目團隊的願景和項目的功能需求。


Ellison balanced doors made from formed bronze are constructed with a minimum stile width of 2-¾” (3-½” preferred), a minimum top rail height of 2-¾” (3-½” preferred), and a minimum bottom rail height of 6”, though 10″ is recommended to comply with 2010 ADA Standards. In most cases, the minimum face width of the frame material is 3”, and frame depth is a minimum of 5”. Glass and glass thickness may vary.

Ellison formed bronze balanced doors can be constructed to suit an architect’s design concept. The shaft containing the torsion bar closer spring can be either concealed within the formed bronze frame, or exposed. These doors can also be equipped with Ellison PowerNow power operators.

由成型青銅製成的埃里森平衡門的最小門檻寬度為2-¾“(最好為3-½”),最小上軌高度為2-¾“(最好為3-½”),最小底軌 高度為6“,但建議10”符合2010 ADA標準。在大多數情況下,框架材料的最小面寬為3“,框架深度最小為5”。玻璃和玻璃厚度可能不同。

Ellison形成的青銅平衡門可以根據建築師的設計理念進行構造。 包含扭杆閉合彈簧的軸可以隱藏在形成的青銅框架內或暴露。 這些門也可以配備Ellison PowerNow電力操作員。


Ellison’s revolutionary PowerNow design

An Ellison PowerNow-equipped balanced door features a low energy operator, concealed in the frame header, and an actuating arm that provides the opening force on demand. Ellison’s standard hardware provides the closing force.

When power is not needed during manual operation, Ellison PowerNow-equipped balanced doors operate the same way as standard Ellison balanced doors – the power operator is never engaged, reducing operator wear and maintaining Ellison’s signature manual ease of operation.

Any Ellison balanced door can be specified as PowerNow-equipped. Power operators are available in your choice of two leading manufacturer’s – Stanley and Horton.


配備Ellison PowerNow的平衡門具有低能量操作器,隱藏在框架集管中,以及可根據需要提供開啟力的驅動臂。 埃里森的標準硬件提供了閉合力。

在手動操作期間不需要電源時,配備Ellison PowerNow的平衡門的操作方式與標準Ellison平衡門的操作方式相同 – 電源操作員從不使用,減少操作員磨損並保持Ellison的標誌性手動操作簡便性。

任何Ellison平衡門都可以指定為PowerNow配備。 電力運營商可以選擇兩家領先的製造商–Stanley和Horton。



– Public Entrances
– Hotels
– Corporate
– Commercial
– Retail
– Educational


– 公共入口
– 酒店
– 公司
– 商業
– 零售
– 教育




Note: Finish photographs are representations only of the finishes. Please contact Ellison Bronze specialists to obtain actual finish samples, for final review.

注意:完成的照片僅代表飾面。 請聯繫Ellison Bronze專家獲取實際完成樣品,以供最終審核。


Life Cycle:The average lifespan of a typical high-traffic commercial entry door is about 10 years. For an Ellison custom balanced door, the expected lifespan is 80 years and counting. Many of the earliest Ellison balanced doors (from the 1930’s) remain in operation to this day. This means, in time, at least seven doors would have to be manufactured in order to serve the duration of just one Ellison custom balanced door.

Materials: Ellison custom balanced doors (excluding wood doors) are comprised almost entirely of metal and glass, two of the world’s most readily recyclable and upcyclable materials. In fact, only two very small – but critical – components are polymer based, to ensure long term corrosion resistance. What’s more, most Ellison doors are made from particularly valuable metals like bronze and stainless, which helps to ensure their eventual recycling.

Manufacturing: Ellison produces nearly the entire balanced door in-house. For example, all balanced hardware is cast in Ellison’s foundry and tooled in Ellison’s factory. Virtually no material is wasted, as unused material is remelted for reuse. Also, under a sustainable manufacturing program sponsored by the New York State, Ellison has also implemented manufacturing systems that maximize both water and energy conservation.





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