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Designed in collaboration between Tom and David Moser and introduced in 2000, the, the Chaise takes its inspiration from furniture designs created by European architects in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Taking our cue from the likes of Alvar Aalto and Le Corbusier, we’ve replaced tubular steel with the warmth of natural cherry and mortise-and-tenon joinery. The sinuous cherry frame supports a webbed back, upholstered in full-grain leather. A removable headrest provides additional comfort, if desired.

The two-position Chaise reclines fully without any handles or gadgets. Simply lean back and let gravity do the rest. The secret is in the geometry of the pivot, engineered to transfer an adult’s center of gravity from slightly upright to supine in one fluid motion. Tom Moser’s inspiration for this pivot? A contemporary Italian-made aluminum lawn chair he sat in one afternoon in a friend’s backyard. After many days of trial and error, he and David were finally able to make it work in wood.

這款Chaise由Tom和David Moser合作設計,於2000年推出,其靈感源自歐洲建築師在1920年代和1930年代創造的家具設計。 從Alvar Aalto和Le Corbusier等人的角度來看,我們用天然櫻桃和榫卯細木工製成的溫暖取代了管狀鋼。 蜿蜒的櫻桃木框架支撐著網眼背面,採用全粒面皮革裝飾。 如果需要,可拆卸頭枕可提供額外的舒適感。

雙位置的Chaise完全沒有任何手柄或小工具。 只需向後傾斜,讓重力完成其餘部分。 秘密在於樞軸的幾何形狀,設計成將一個成人的重心從一個流體運動中的輕微直立轉移到仰臥位。 Tom Moser對這個支點的啟發? 一個當代意大利製造的鋁製草坪椅,他在一個下午坐在朋友的後院。 經過多天的反複試驗,他和大衛終於能夠在木頭上工作了。


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