Architects: Richter Architects
Area: 88500 ft²
Year: 2019
Photographs: David Richter, FAIA, Robert Reck
Manufacturers: Assa Abloy, Daikin, Honeywell, Landscape Forms, Sherwin-Williams, Summit Brick Company, Thermafiber, Trane, Aeroflex, Alucobond, Amerimix, Anvil International, BendPak, Cla-Val Company, Cornerstone, Cummins, Fórmica, Lighting Protection systems, Metron, Norcon Communications, +9
Lead Architects: David Richter, FAIA; Elizabeth Chu Richter, FAIA
Project Design:David Richter, FAIA, Elizabeth Chu Richter, FAIA
Project Team:Sam Morris, AIA, Bob Mitchell, AIA, Lonnie Gatlin, Assoc. AIA, Albert Delgado, Assoc. AIA
Project Manager:Stephen Cox, AIA
Structural Engineer:Walter P. Moore
Civil Engineer::JQ
Mechanical, Electrical And Plumbing Engineer:IMEG Corp.
Landscape Design Architect:MRWM Landscape Architects
Costs Consultant:Project Cost Resources Inc.
Security Consultant:IMEG Corp.
Fire Protection Consultants:Jensen Hughes
General Contractor :Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
Country:United States

建築師:Richter Architects
攝影:David Richter,FAIA,Robert Reck
製造商:Assa Abloy,Daikin,Honeywell,Landscape Forms,Sherwin-Williams,Summit Brick Company,Thermafiber,Trane,Aeroflex,Alucobond,Amerimix,Anvil International,BendPak,Cla-Val Company,Cornerstone,Cummins,Fórmica,照明保護系統, Metron,Norcon Communications,+ 9
首席建築師:大衛·里希特(FAIA); FAIA伊麗莎白·朱·里希特
項目設計:FAIA的David Richter,FAIA的Elizabeth Chu Richter
項目團隊:友邦保險的Sam Morris,友邦保險的Bob Mitchell,協會的Lonnie Gatlin。友邦保險,阿爾伯特·德爾加多(Albert Delgado),協會。友邦保險
項目經理:美國友邦保險斯蒂芬·考克斯(Stephen Cox)
結構工程師:Walter P. Moore
土木工程師:: JQ
機械,電氣和水暖工程師:IMEG Corp.
成本顧問:Project Cost Resources Inc.
安全顧問:IMEG Corp.
總承包商:Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

While providing safe, efficient, and expanded international entry processing for people and goods, this new port of entry design welcomes travelers to America with architecture that inspires and conveys our country’s better virtues – architecture that serves and respects all people, embraces culture, conserves resources, nurtures ecology, protects habitat, celebrates diversity and conveys a love of the land.

這種新的入境口岸設計在為人和貨物提供安全,高效和擴展的國際入境手續的同時,以激發並傳達美國更好美德的建築歡迎美國旅客,即服務於並尊重所有人,擁護文化,節約資源的建築。 ,培育生態,保護棲息地,慶祝多樣性並傳達對土地的熱愛。

The architecture is egalitarian – its patterns, scale, daylight, detail, and dignity equally applied to all parts of the building, all workers, and all visitors. The scale is human and humble. It looks outward more than inward. Imagery is not born of pomp, power, or even of history or tradition – but simply of love of the vast desert land, sky, and water that itself knows no border. It speaks of pride and even nationhood – but not by conventional form or metaphor. It is more about stewardship than ownership. It is more about inclusion than exclusion. It is more about performance than symbolism. It is nevertheless aspirational. It is about ideas and virtues that join two countries crossing the border as freely as the 800-plus school children that cross twice a day, every day.

該建築是平等主義的-其圖案,比例,日光,細節和尊嚴均等地應用於建築物的所有部分,所有工人和所有訪客。 規模是人性化的,謙虛的。 它看起來比向外更向內。 圖像並非源於盛況,權力,甚至歷史或傳統,而僅僅是源於對無國界的廣闊沙漠土地,天空和水域的熱愛。 它說到驕傲甚至是民族主義,但不是用傳統的形式或隱喻。 與其說所有權,不如說是管理權。 它更多地是關於包容而不是排斥。 它更重要的是性能而不是像徵意義。 儘管如此,它還是有抱負的。 它是關於思想和美德的加入,就像每天穿越兩次的800多名學童一樣,他們自由地跨入了兩國。

The design’s integrated and expressed response to the breadth of sustainable design opportunities is the mechanism for creating and conveying this message. The rhythm and silhouette of photovoltaic, clerestoried roof monitors echo distant mountains. Colored brick strata and weathered steel extend the patterns and colors of the desert earth and grasses that reach the horizon. Terraced native landscaping and a sculpted ground plane convey the story of the scarcity, the harvest, and the power of water in the desert while moderating historical regional flood hazards to neighboring Puerto Palomas. Shaded exteriors and daylit interiors shelter, diffuse, and harness the intense desert sun.

設計對可持續設計機會的廣泛性的綜合表達是創建和傳達此信息的機制。 光電式天窗的韻律和輪廓與遙遠的山脈遙相呼應。 彩色磚地層和風化鋼擴展了到達地平線的沙漠土和草的圖案和顏色。 梯田的原生美化環境和雕刻的地平面傳達了沙漠中的稀缺,收穫和水力的故事,同時減輕了對鄰近波多黎各帕洛馬斯的歷史性區域洪災的危害。 陰暗的外部環境和採光充足的內部空間可以遮擋,分散並利用強烈的沙漠陽光。

The design process embraced the myriad technical, operational, performance, human and environmental challenges that are endemic to any port of entry, particularly one at a location of extraordinary natural beauty and resource. An integrated design strategy front-loaded technology, research, and detail solutions allowing technical disciplines and performance-based details to be knitted into the visible architectural fabric – creating both a physical and intellectual transparency.

設計過程涵蓋了任何入境口岸所特有的無數技術,操作,性能,人員和環境挑戰,尤其是在自然風光和資源非凡的地方。 集成的設計策略預先加載了技術,研究和詳細解決方案,從而可以將技術學科和基於性能的細節編織到可見的建築結構中,從而實現物理和智力的透明。


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