Architects: Scott Brownrigg
Area: 468 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Khoo Guo Jie
Manufacturers: JUNG, Assa Abloy, Grohe, Kawajun, Gessi, Jonite, Mitsubishi
Design Team:Raymond Hoe, Sherwin Tee, Chu Hyeonseon, Alice Chiu (2018-19), Foo Fansee (2019-20)
Structural Engineering:SC Consultants Pte Ltd

建築師:Scott Brownrigg
製造商:JUNG,Assa Abloy,Grohe,Kawajun,Gessi,Jonite,三菱
設計團隊:Raymond Hoe,Terwin Tee,Chu Hyeonseon,Alice Chiu(2018-19),Foo Fansee(2019-20)
結構工程:SC Consultants Pte Ltd

Stunning private residence, The Strata House at No. 6 Begonia Terrace in Singapore has completed. Guided by the owners’ aspirations Scott Brownrigg have designed a 468 sq m 3-storey semi-detached home that delivers timeless, contemporary family accommodation suited to its tropical context and to reflect the owner’s desire for spaces with his children at home.

令人驚嘆的私人住宅,位於新加坡秋海棠台6號的Strata House已竣工。 在業主的願望指導下,斯科特·布朗格里格(Scott Brownrigg)設計了一套468平方米的三層半獨立式住宅,可提供永恆的現代家庭住宿,以適應其熱帶環境,並反映業主對與孩子在家中所需要的空間的渴望。

Constrained by its location on a narrow, corner rectilinear plot, the design concept optimises the site footprint. Accessibility both into the house and around the first-floor living, dining, and guest room spaces was a key consideration. A ramp from the vestibule at ground level allowing entry into the house and connection to the first floor.

受其在狹窄的角落直線圖中的位置的限制,該設計概念可優化場地佔地面積。 進入房屋以及一樓起居,就餐和客房空間周圍的可訪問性是一個重要的考慮因素。 從地面的前廳傾斜,可以進入房屋並連接到一樓。

Raymond Hoe, Director of the Singapore studio and responsible for the design said: “The design is inspired by a play on horizontal strata that slits and peels in two from a common datum plane. This defines the second storey semi-private spaces that include the family foyer which visually connects to the first storey living areas. Forming a series of pragmatic spaces that are conducive to encouraging family time together.”

新加坡工作室負責人Raymond Hoe表示:“該設計的靈感來自在水平地層上的遊隙,該遊隙將同一基準面上的平面切成兩半。 這定義了第二層半私人空間,其中包括在視覺上連接到第一層居住區的家庭門廳。 形成一系列務實的空間,有利於鼓勵家人在一起。”

The layering of varying heights creates an internal space that connects the family in a fun way and weaves around the central steel staircase. The staircase is the protagonist, connecting the vertical levels, allowing for cross-ventilation and becoming a feature metallic patterned screen to diffuse the triple volume daylight from the third level roof skylight.

不同高度的分層創造了一個內部空間,以一種有趣的方式將家庭聯繫在一起,並圍繞中央鋼製樓梯編織。 樓梯是主角,連接垂直高度,允許交叉通風,並成為具有特徵的金屬圖案屏風,從三級屋頂天窗散射出三倍體積的日光。

These interesting internal spaces and their detailing are light in their architectural expression. Created with a palette of materials that include an off-formed concrete texture, timber grain, and an industrial steel matte lustre, which provides a backdrop for the daylight and creates a play of shadows. This palette extends through to the internal furnishings with bespoke furniture and cabinetry. The internal environment blurs the boundaries with the surrounding outdoor landscape, which is accessed via the double-height main living areas.

這些有趣的內部空間及其細節在建築表達中顯得光彩照人。 創建的材料調色板包括變形的混凝土紋理,木紋和工業用鋼啞光光澤,可為日光提供背景並產生陰影效果。 此調色板延伸到帶有定製家具和櫥櫃的內部家具。 內部環境模糊了周圍室外景觀的邊界,可通過雙高主生活區進行訪問。

With close proximity to its neighbours, and to ensure privacy, a continuous metallic aluminium roof defines its form, with no openings on the front elevation with an optimum amount of glazing to the side. This is wrapped with an ‘architectural veil’ to complete the contemporary expression.

緊鄰其鄰居並為確保私密性,連續的金屬鋁屋頂定義了其形式,在前立面上沒有開口,並且側面有最佳的玻璃量。 包裹著“建築面紗”,以完成當代表達。

This ‘architectural veil’ screens the full height glazed views from the second-floor master and children’s bedrooms, and third-floor ensuite bedroom with a horizontal stratum of aluminium louvres rotated at angles to absorb the heat from the eastern sun to allow thermal conduction; creating air movement into the rooms.

這種“建築面紗”遮蔽了二樓主臥和兒童房以及三樓帶衛浴的臥房的全高玻璃窗,鋁製百葉窗的水平層以一定角度旋轉,以吸收來自東方陽光的熱量,從而實現熱傳導; 使空氣進入房間。


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